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1. Dispose of materials as directed by your teacher. 2. Return all lab equipment to its proper place. 3. Report any broken or damaged equipment. 4. Wash your hands thoroughly before leaving the
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Print Merge
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Cisco ASA Configuration
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Start creating your app by de ning a custom object.
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Add Credibility as You Revise 77 Speci cs Increase Believability 77 Exercise 11: Add Speci city to General Statements 79 Exercise 12: Add Examples to Make Dull Copy Come Alive 82 Exercise 13: Add Speci city to Increase Reader Understanding 83 Select the Best Word to Express Your Meaning 83 Exercise 14: Select Words with FURY 88 Exercise 15: Revise in a Methodical Manner 89
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The following program illustrates the use of access declarations:
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The deck rehabilitation and reconstruction methods include: 1. Staged cast-in-place high performance concrete bridge deck reconstruction. 2. Superstructure replacement. 3. Accelerated construction methods such as prefabricated deck panels and superstructure systems, and use of accelerated cure cast-in-place concrete.
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Common Assumption No. 1
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Transporting Voice by Using IP
Low Intermediate High
With unit authentication, the XAUTH username and password are stored locally on the hardware remote in flash memory along with the rest of the remote configuration. The problem with unit authentication is that if the hardware remote were stored in an insecure location at a remote office, it could be stolen; the thief could then bring up a tunnel with the authentication credentials stored on the hardware remote. Secure unit authentication (SUA), previously called Interactive Unit Authentication (IUA), solves this security problem. SUA is a group policy defined on an Easy VPN server with the group policy secure-unit-authentication enable command (see 17). When enabled, the policy is passed from the server to the remote during Phase 1 Mode Config. Upon receiving the policy, if the hardware remote was originally using unit authentication, it will automatically erase the username and password used for XAUTH. Since the XAUTH username and password are erased, someone behind the hardware remote will have to supply this information to bring up the tunnel. Only a web browser is supported for SUA. The easiest way to accomplish this is to have a user open a web browser connection to something beyond the external interface of the hardware remote. The hardware remote will intercept the web connection and redirect it to a local login page on the remote itself. The user then supplies the username and password for XAUTH in order to bring up the tunnel. Once authenticated, the user is redirected back to the URL that he was originally trying to reach. One problem with this approach is that when all the users at the remote office come into work in the morning and power up their PCs and laptops, no one will know if the tunnel is up. I recommend putting their web browser in the Windows Startup folder with a default home page of a web server at the corporate office behind the Easy VPN server. Therefore, one of the users will see the login page and will authenticate, which will bring up the tunnel for everyone. Also, you ll probably want to give the users different usernames and passwords, but put them in the same tunnel group. NOTE Even though network extension mode automatically brings up a tunnel, the tunnel will fail to come up if you have an SUA policy defined someone at the remote office will have to supply the XAUTH username and password; SUA and network extension mode combined gives you secure access to the corporate LAN and also gives corporate office access to and management of the remote office LAN devices.
The OSI network model is a distinguished tool for teaching the concepts of network encapsulation and the functions taking place at each layer. However, the problem is that no actual, living network protocol environments have ever been built that contain all of the layers of the OSI model, and it is becoming increasingly apparent that none ever will. TCP/IP is the world s dominant network standard. It is a layered model that consists of four layers, and it s not likely that TCP/IP s model will ever be increased to seven layers. As the OSI model was being developed and socialized by the ISO, the rival TCP/IP model was quickly becoming the world s standard for data network communications. OSI has been relegated to a teaching tool, and the model itself is more of an interesting museum piece that represents an idea that never came to fruition.
The following program demonstrates the & by using it to convert odd numbers into even numbers. It does this by turning off bit zero. For example, the low-order byte of the number 9 in binary is 0000 1001. When bit zero is turned off, this number becomes 8, or 0000 1000 in binary.
cos h 1 . These limits are important in the theory of calculus. h
ciscoasa(config)# filter {url | ftp | https} except internal_IP_address subnet_mask external_IP_address external_subnet_mask
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