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Resources An important component in REST is the existence of resources. Resources are sources of specific information and each one is referenced by a global identifier, like a URL in HTTP. To manipulate these resources, network components communicate via a standard interface (like HTTP) and exchange representations of the resources (for instance, the actual documents conveying the information). For instance, a resource, which is a triangle, might be described as a polygon with three sides of equal length. It may also combine three points that are connected in a commaseparated list. Benefits REST offers the following benefits:
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TABLE 2-2 The C# Contextual Keywords
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There is also wide variation within each self-mastery level, indicated on the Self-mastery graph above. This is particularly true for the largest group, moderate self-mastery learners. Individuals at the high self-mastery level are the easiest to coach, while those who consistently function at low self-mastery can challenge even the best developers and cause serious problems within the organization, particularly if they are in leadership roles or other high-impact positions. In fact, chronically low self-mastery individuals are not good candidates for coaching and may need to be referred to outside specialists. Different coaching approaches work best with different learners, depending on the learner s self-mastery level. For this reason, it is important for the developer to assess the learner s normal (or average) self-mastery level. The learner s range of self-mastery that is, his or her highest and lowest levels also provides important information. If the learner has a wide range of self-mastery, the developer can predict that this individual may have dramatic behavior swings during the course of coaching. If the learner s selfmastery range is limited, his or her behavior is likely to be very consistent, but the learner may also have more difficulty moving into a higher level of self-mastery. The chart below describes the three self-mastery levels and the coaching approach that works best with learners at each level.
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Troubleshooting Tips
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RIPv2 uses triggered updates and sends its updates out as multicasts. It is a
The Save Drawing dialog sports even more tweaks and refinements you can make. Clicking the Advanced button opens the same Options dialog that you can navigate to at any time by choosing Tools | Options (CTRL+J), expanding the tree directory under Document, and then clicking the Save item. In this section you can make choices about File optimization, Textures, and Blends and Extrudes. These options are set on a document basis, not a global one, so you can make different choices for each file you save.
Range of Numbers
Part Description RadioShack #
This is a classic starburst global pattern: Regular streaks Homogeneous dark color Bluish-white color The streaks are considered to be regular because they are located at most points along the periphery. Streaks are considered irregular when they are not located at most points along the periphery (ie, when there are only foci of streaks, they are considered irregular). Location at the periphery, not the shape, determines if streaks are regular or irregular. Dots and globules at the periphery can be components of the starburst pattern they are not present in this lesion. Any of the six dermoscopic patterns representing Spitz nevi are referred to as being Spitzoid : Starburst Globular Homogeneous Vascular (pink or reddish) Black pigment network (reticular) Nonspecific A regular Spitzoid pattern is less worrisome than an irregular Spitzoid pattern. Cutaneous metastatic melanomas could have a homogeneous dark blotch but not a symmetrical ring of streaks at the periphery. The brown color with a fine regular pigment network represents a nevus that has nothing to do with the Spitz nevus. It is not uncommon to have different pathologies adjacent to each other (eg, seborrheic keratoses, nevi, and/or hemangiomas).
// A file that contains three classes. Call this file MyClasses.cs. using System; class MyClass { int x; int y; public MyClass(int i) { Console.WriteLine("Constructing MyClass(int). "); x = y = i; Show(); } public MyClass(int i, int j) { Console.WriteLine("Constructing MyClass(int, int). "); x = i; y = j;
The last three motor types are just variations of the first three, fabricated with different construction techniques. The compound motor is a combination of the series and shunt motors. For the first three motor types we ll look at the circuit showing how the motor circuit field windings are connected, and then look at the characteristics of the torque and speed versus armature current and shaft horsepower curves that describe their operation (Figure 6-3). Each of the motor types will be examined for its torque, speed, reversal, and regenerative braking capabilities the factors important to EV users. The motor types will all be compared at full load shaft horsepower the only way to compare different motor types of equal rating. Efficiency is a little harder to determine since it also depends on the external resistance of the circuit to which the motor is connected. So efficiency has to be calculated for each individual case.
Lassoing Selections
Cervical insufficiency, formerly known as cervical incompetence
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