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of the inbound port and check the FCS (checksum) of the frame before the layer 2 device will perform any additional processing of the frame. When checking the FCS, commonly called a cyclic redundancy check (CRC), the layer 2 device will calculate a CRC value, just as the source device did, and compare this value to what was included in the frame. If they are the same, the frame is considered good and the layer 2 device can start processing the frame, including forwarding the frame out the correct destination port of the layer 2 device. If the FCS value in the frame and the frame value it computes are different, the layer 2 device will drop the frame. Bridges support only the store-and-forward switching method. All switches support store-and-forward. However, some switches, such as Cisco s older Catalyst 1900 series, may support additional switching methods; but this is dependent on the actual switch model and vendor.
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// Create a queue for chars and a queue for doubles. SimpleQueue<char> charQ = new SimpleQueue<char>(10); SimpleQueue<double> doubleQ = new SimpleQueue<double>(5); char ch; double d; int i; try { // Use a char queue. for(i=0; i < 10; i++) { Console.WriteLine("Storing: " + (char) ('A' + i)); charQ.Put((char) ('A' + i)); } Console.WriteLine(); for(i=0; i < 10; i++) { Console.Write("Getting next char: "); ch = charQ.Get(); Console.WriteLine(ch); } } catch (QueueFullException exc) { Console.WriteLine(exc); } Console.WriteLine(); try { // Use a double queue. for(i=1; i <= 5; i++) { Console.WriteLine("Storing: " + i * 3.1416 ); doubleQ.Put(i * 3.1416); } Console.WriteLine(); for(i=0; i < 5; i++) { Console.Write("Getting next double: "); d = doubleQ.Get(); Console.WriteLine(d); } } catch (QueueEmptyException exc) { Console.WriteLine(exc); } } }
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Part II:
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absorption, 62, 67, 90 91 ADSL, 191 192 Aerie Networks, 5 AM, 24, 27 amplifying medium, 90 amplitude modulation (see AM) ANSI, 112 ATM over SONET 182 , attenuation, 9, 28 30, 44 45, 48, 61 64, 66 68, 70, 75 76, 112, 114 attenuation coefficient, 45, 61 American National Standards Institute (see ANSI) American Wire Gauge (see A WG) asymmetric digital subscriber line (see ADSL) atom, 82 AT&T 5, 142 146 , A WG, 187
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The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
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Routes and Routesets
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Inside Local IP Address
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0V 12V Battery
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2. Collecting and Interpreting Data Compare the appearance of the Lewis structure for
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The Basic Data Types
Similarly, if we retain the rst three terms in the Fourier series expansion of the displacement of the parabolic curve, the equation of Gutman s fth-order harmonic curve can be obtained.
near the top of every program. As explained in 14, the I/O classes are defined within a namespace subordinate to System called System.IO. There are many other namespaces subordinate to System that hold other parts of the C# library. Namespaces are important because there has been an explosion of variable, method, property, and class names over the past few years. These include library routines, thirdparty code, and your own code. Without namespaces, all of these names would compete for slots in the global namespace and conflicts would arise. For example, if your program defined a class called Finder, it could conflict with another class called Finder supplied by a third-party library that your program uses. Fortunately, namespaces prevent this type of problem because a namespace restricts the visibility of names declared within it.
One other point: Syntactically, when a finally block follows a try block, no catch clauses are technically required. Thus, you can have a try followed by a finally with no catch clauses. In this case, the finally block is executed when the try exits, but no exceptions are handled.
A destructor is the function that is called when an object is destroyed.
Routing Introduction
// Demonstrate the group clause. using System; using System.Linq; class GroupDemo { static void Main() { string[] websites = { "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "" }; // Create a query that groups websites by top-level domain name. var webAddrs = from addr in websites where addr.LastIndexOf(".") != -1 group addr by addr.Substring(addr.LastIndexOf(".")); // Execute the query and display the results. foreach(var sites in webAddrs) { Console.WriteLine("Websites grouped by " + sites.Key); foreach(var site in sites) Group results by Console.WriteLine(" " + site); domain name. Console.WriteLine(); } } }
ated audio for digital storage media at up to about 1,5 Mbit/s-Part 3: Audio [MPEG-1 Audio] j ISO/IEC 13818-3:1995 Information technology-Generic coding of moving pictures and associated audio information-Part 3: Audio [MPEG-2 Audio Extensions]
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// Require IComparable interface. public static bool SameValue<T>(T a, T b) where T : IComparable<T> { if(a.CompareTo(b) == 0) return true; // fixed return false; }
The entry level for obtaining new recordable CD equipment is at press time around $149. Factory refurbished CD-R and CD-RW drives can sometimes be obtained for under $100. The least expensive drives generally use the ATAPI IDE interface and are limited to internal installations. External drives primarily employ SCSI interfaces the addition of a cabinet and SCSI interface hardware can add an additional $50 to $150 to the price of a drive. You can also obtain external drives using the USB port as an interface; these are sometimes slightly less than comparable SCSIbased external drives. Special-purpose CD-R and CD-RW units exist that can switch among several I/O interfaces, such as SCSI, USB, and parallel port. These tend to be more expensive than single-interface drives. On the high end, if you want a recorder that can produce several discs at once, perhaps over a network connection, the price of entry quickly rises to $5000 and above. Drives in this category, commonly called CD Duplicators, are discussed in 8. Because this market is still growing and competitive pressures continue, prices may continue to decline for the near future. Larger manufacturers may attempt to boost their market share by aggressively pricing recorders at the lowest possible costs.
Chart Page Layout
The redistribute command takes routes from an external routing process and redistributes them into the current OSPF process. The metric parameter allows you to associate a cost to the redistributed routes. The metric-type parameter allows you to specify if the redistributed routes are type-1 or type-2 external routes the default is type-2 if omitted. You can also tag the route with a number with the tag parameter: OSPF doesn t process this information, but an ASBR speaking BGP can use this information. If you omit the subnets parameter, only classful routes are redistributed into OSPF not the subnets of a network number. The match parameter is used when taking routes from another OSPF process you can control if you ll take the other process internal and/or external type-1 or type-2 routes into the local OSPF process. With each of the preceding redistribute commands, you can use the route-map parameter and change information related to the matching routes, like their metrics. Route maps are beyond the scope of this book. To illustrate the simplicity of configuring route redistribution, examine the network shown in Figure 4-4. In this network, the appliance will redistribute routes from autonomous system (AS) 100 into AS 200. Here s the redistribution configuration to accomplish this:
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