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2.6.7 Some Well-Known Historic Bridges
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Making comparisons of inequality Comparing adjectives Comparing adverbs Comparing nouns Making comparisons of equality
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Object-level security, often referred to as column-level security, allows you to control access at the individual object level. Do not confuse object-level security with all the references to objects in the preceding sections. Remember that objects within the repository refer to users, reports, groups, and so on. Objects within a universe and to which I am referring in this section relate to dimensions and measures. In earlier versions of BusinessObjects, object-level security was global to all universes and assigned to individual users. Thus if Jami, for example, was given the level Private, then Jami could access all Private objects in all universes she had access to. Within XI Release 2, these object levels can now be managed at the group level and are universe specific. In 9, you left all the object definitions as Public. BusinessObjects XI offers five levels of column security: Private, Confidential, Restricted, Controlled, and Public (numbered 1 5 in Table 13-5). Private, priority 1, is the most restrictive and public is the most permissive. Table 13-5 provides some sample objects for which you may want to have an object-level restriction. For example, the user Peggy processes payroll, so she needs access to social security numbers, designated as Private. Salary objects have a security access level equal to Confidential. Users with an access level of Confidential or of a higher priority (Private) can access Salary objects. Profit-related objects are set to Controlled. Members of Finance and Marketing group whose security access level is set to Controlled (in this case, anyone who has been with the firm at least three months) can access the Profit objects, as can any users that have a higher-priority security level (Restricted, Controlled, Private).
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American Institute for Steel Construction (AISC)
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Concorde Battery Corp.
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Accessing Structure Members
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The bane of everyone s existence is having to fill out forms to order everything from pencils to software. Our Intranet is a perfect mechanism to put all of the forms online with required and optional fields. When the form is properly filled out, it is then submitted. Submission can take several forms. In a Web-oriented system (as opposed to a document management-based system), the form is typically e-mailed to the required department. In a document management-based system, the completed form is simply saved in the proper work-in-progress area. The structure of html forms is such that it is easy to have required and optional fields. These forms can extend to travel request forms, making reservation preferences (if the corporation has an internal travel office), and filling out expense forms.
These are private to MyClass.
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To specify the WebVPN attributes for a local policy, use the preceding configuration. Non-WebVPN policy commands were discussed in 17.
Use the definite article (el, la, los, las) with nouns in a general sense:
Robot Brains
This call to chmod( ) attempts to set the file TEST.TST to read/write access:
Degree of coupling. The degree of coupling between a tuned transformer s pri-
TABLE 33.2 Typical Measurements in Traffic Monitor Application.
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