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The grid has a large number of properties. Right-clicking on the grid and choosing Grid Properties opens the Grid Properties as shown in Figure 6-39. The dialog box contains a number of tabs that allow users to change how the values are actually displayed, change the column, row, and grid colors, and change the grid font. Along the left-hand side of the dialog box are options to modify the grid, add a title, or modify the drill to detail behavior. Figure 6-39 further shows that the developer has chosen to display the percent of total next to the actual values (which are on by default.) The change has been applied and the results are visible on the grid in the background. From this example it is easy to see that bikes accounted for 78% of total sales in 2003, but so far in 2004 they are accounting for 86% of sales. The grid has a grand total at the bottom added automatically when the percentage is being displayed. Percentages can be turned on for the columns, rows, or both.
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#include <stdio.h> int main(void) { double f; for(f=1.0; f<1.0e+10; f=f*10) printf("%g ", f); return 0; }
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Quality of Service (QoS)
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EXAMPLE Find the pro le equations for the following exponential relationship where A and B are constants:
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Multimedia applications pose many of the same problems for firewalls and security appliances that I have so far discussed in Part III. One of the main reasons that multimedia applications are difficult to deal with is that no single unifying standard defines how they should be implemented. Each vendor, instead, has developed its own implementation method for its multimedia applications with a handful of existing standards.
Digital Photography QuickSteps Stepping into Digital Photography PC QuickSteps Getting to Know Your PC
Exploring the C# Library
The primary services in the IT organization typically are development, operations, and support. These primary activities require the support of a second layer of activities that together support the delivery of primary IT services to the organization. The second layer of IT management practices consists of Personnel management Sourcing Change management Financial management Quality management Security management Performance and capacity management Some of these activities the IT organization undertakes itself, while some are usually performed by other parts of the organization. For instance, most of the personnel management functions are typically carried out by a human resources department.
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If you remember back to Figure 5-14, when we jotted a number next to the security system components, this was to identify the proper cabling later. Without taking the time to mark the cabling now with a permanent marker at both ends, you ll spend a lot of time scratching your head later, trying to decide which cable is which. Protecting and Hiding Since we re installing our security system in an existing home (as many of you are likely to, we imagine), hiding the cable is an important consideration, but not something that is especially easy to do. To run the cable without having it out in the open, we re going through the basement ceiling to feed various components on the main floor. This is an easy way to
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