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Meaning Represents true/false values 8-bit unsigned integer Character Numeric type for financial calculations Double-precision floating point Single-precision floating point Integer Long integer 8-bit signed integer Short integer An unsigned integer An unsigned long integer An unsigned short integer
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REMINDER Using an effective coaching challenge at an opportune moment stimulates the learner to grow at an accelerated pace. However, using too many techniques can interfere with excellent coaching, which is essentially an interaction between two human beings. Listening attentively, conveying respect for the learner, and being committed to the learner s growth are far more important than any technique.
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Cast wider concrete Suitable for low slab footing to scour depths. Acts prevent settlement as curtain wall/apron on side of spread footing Minipiles driven through footings
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Wireless Mesh Networking Technology
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5. You re welcome. 6. Excuse me.
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Continue problem 3-1 1 by finding the value of the slope at x = 2, y = 1 .
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Part Three
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cdDNA Lk = 12 Tw = 14 Wr = 2
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4. With a Pen Tool (the B zier pen is fine) click-drag a two-node path. Straight is good;
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Ethernet NICs are inexpensive (you can get a good one for US$10, but you can occasionally find a deal where you get the card for US$10, then get a manufacturer s rebate for US$10), which makes them very popular both in business and in home applications. In fact, the devices you ll buy to connect with your network are likely to be Ethernet-based, so it is not only a good option; it s also your only option.
to the player. The limited set of aspect ratios presently supported by the MPEG-2 standard (4:3, 16:9, and 2.21:1) also may have had something to do with it. Figure 2.26 Relative Display Sizes for Letterbox Display
The quantities Ixx and Iyy are usually referred to as the centroid moments of inertia of R about the x and y axes, respectively, whereas Ixy is termed the product of inertia of R about its centroid. Moreover, the quantity Izz, de ned as Izz = I xx + I yy is known as the polar moment of inertia of R about its centroid. The integral appearing in Eq. (7.23b) is called the rst moment of R, whereas IC is referred to as the second moment of R about the centriod C. By extension, the integral of Eq. (7.23a) is also termed the zeroth moment of R. Calculating the three moments of R directly as given above calls for a double integration, one in x and one in y. This is not practical, the foregoing integrals being more readily calculated if suitable transformation formulas are introduced, as indicated in Sec. 7.4, thereby reducing those calculations to line integrals. Furthermore, if the cam pro le is described in polar coordinates as r = r(q), then the area is given by A= 1 2p 2 r (q )dq 2 0
10. Which 2960 command assigns a VLAN to an interface
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1. Enter the program using a text editor. 2. Compile the program using csc.exe. 3. Run the program.
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