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the name of the game on the Web, but JPEG compression discards original data, so too much compression yields a poor export for photographs. Choose 10 as the Compression value, and then click the Preview button.
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fully compliant with federal FMVSS and NHTSA safety standards, you need to check out what your state s motor vehicle code says. If you re doing a from-the-ground-up EV, you d be well-advised to check out these rules and regulations in advance. In general, few states have specific EV regulations. You ll find that states with larger vehicle populations, such as California, New York, and Florida, are on the leading edge in terms of establishing guidelines for EVs. Check with your own state s motor vehicle department to be sure. As for the licensing process, most of the people that work for the Department of Motor Vehicles and/or the Department of Environmental Protection for each state are far more involved with the smog-certification or DEQ (Department of Environmental Quality). It is very important that you check the vehicle compliance rules and regulations in your respective state to see what the process is for allowing a converted electric vehicle to receive license plates. However, in most states, owning an EV conversion short-circuits this process. In fact, you can offer to buy the whole local DEQ inspection team lunch if their meters find any emissions coming out of your EV at all (hybrid EV owners, please don t make this offer!). In most states you can receive a tax credit for an electric vehicle and there is also a federal tax credit for electric vehicles. In some areas, you can be entitled to a reduction in your electric power rate. Check with your local utility and city and state governments to see if you and your EV are entitled to something similar in your area.
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Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, or IBM DB2 can be used in indirect mode to reduce the number of database connections. This practice is not recommended for use in large farms because it creates a single point of failure at the server hosting the indirect connections. CAUTION Although this configuration is possible, it is not a recommended architecture for a MetaFrame farm. Using Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, or IBM DB2 in indirect mode creates a bottleneck and can cause performance issues. To prevent a single point of failure for the entire farm, install a core set of direct servers, and then point groups of member servers to each of the core direct servers. This process provides better performance than sharing a single server for all queries. Using a Presentation Server in indirect mode does not reduce the number of queries made to the third-party database. Instead, it channels them through a single ODBC connection. To use indirect mode with a third-party database: 1. Install the first server into the server farm in direct mode and configure it to properly point to the third-party database. 2. You can install subsequent servers in indirect mode by specifying the direct server from step 1. 3. When prompted for the account permissions, specify the user name and password of the MetaFrame administrator created in step 1.
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Approximately eight weeks from the date of the exam, you will receive your exam results by e-mail or surface mail. Each job practice area score will be noted in addition to the overall final score. Should you receive a passing score, you will also receive the application for certification. Those unsuccessful in passing will receive a copy of the most current BOI. These individuals will want to take a close look at the job practice area scores to determine areas for further study. Regardless of pass or fail, exam results will not be disclosed via telephone, fax, or e-mail (with the exception of the consented one-time e-mail notification).
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Let s use the same network, but assume that RouterA s E0 interface has failed and that RouterA has lost its connection to network, as shown in Figure 15-4. As you can see in this example, RouterA s routing table lists the network as unreachable. Unfortunately, RouterA cannot tell the rest of the network concerning the downed route until its periodic timer expires. After the timer expires, RouterA advertises its routing table to RouterB, which is shown in Figure 15-5. After RouterB receives its update, it has converged. However, RouterC is still lacking this information about the updated topology and must wait for RouterB s periodic timer to expire in order to receive RouterB s updated routing table. After RouterB s periodic timer has expired, it shares its routing table with RouterC, as is shown in Figure 15-6. Up to this point, RouterC assumed that it had the most upto-date routing information and would still send packets to, since the routing table indicated that was reachable via RouterB. However, after receiving the routing update from RouterB, RouterC updates its routing table and knows that is not reachable; it will now drop any packets being sent to
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simple lead-acid battery cell that will be examined in the next few sections as it undergoes the four stages: fully charged, discharging, fully discharged, and charging. It consists of an electrode made of sponge lead (Pb), another electrode made of lead peroxide (PbO2), and an electrolyte made of a mixture of sulfuric acid (H2SO4) diluted with water (H2O).
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When returning traffic comes back into your network, the address translation device examines the destination IP addresses and checks them against the address translation table. Upon finding a matching entry, it converts the global inside address to the local inside address in the destination IP address field of the packet header and forwards the packet to the inside network.
xe x dx = [xe x e x ] 3 + [xe x e x ]0 =
A 6-channel, computercontrolled, dual-stick style transmitter from Futaba. (courtesy of Futaba)
Figure 5.23 Use of additional pier adjacent to abutment minimizing sharp skew effects.
In all cases, when typeid is applied to a pointer of a non-polymorphic class hierarchy, then the base type of the pointer is obtained. That is, no determination of what that pointer is actually pointing to is made. As an experiment, comment out the virtual function f( ) in Base and observe the results. As you will see, the type of each object will be Base because that is the type of the pointer. Since typeid is commonly applied to a dereferenced pointer (i.e., one to which the * operator has been applied), a special exception has been created to handle the situation in which the pointer being dereferenced is null. In this case, typeid throws a bad_typeid exception. References to an object of a polymorphic class hierarchy work the same as pointers. When typeid is applied to a reference of a polymorphic class, it will return the type of the object actually being referred to, which may be a derived type. The circumstance where you will most often make use of this feature is when objects are passed to functions by reference. For example, in the following program, the function WhatType( ) declares a reference parameter to objects of type Base. This means that WhatType( ) can be passed references to objects of type Base or any class derived from Base. When the typeid operator is applied to this parameter, it returns the actual type of the object being passed.
Sunsets make wonderful photographs. However, what looked perfect through the viewfinder may lack a little luster when you get the image into your computer. You can add life to a bland sunset by using an adjustment layer.
The output from this program is shown here:
Switch to one of the creative shooting modes (see 2). Press your camera flash button to pop up the flash. Most camera flash buttons look like a lightning bolt. Push the shutter button halfway to establish focus. The camera flash will fire a test shot to determine how much light from the flash is needed to properly expose the scene. Press the shutter button fully to take the picture. Figure 3-12 shows an image photographed with fill flash.
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