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Simon Davies of Privacy International notes that it is no accident that biometric systems are being tried out most aggressively with welfare recipients. The British scholar contends that they are in no position to resist the State-mandated intrusion. Interestingly, in the 1995 GAO Report on the use of biometrics to deter fraud in the nationwide Electronics Benefit Transfer (EBT) program, the U.S. Department of the Treasury expressed concern over how finger imaging would impact on the dignity of the recipients and called for more testing and study. While stigma and dignity arguments tied to the less fortunate elements of society have a strong emotional appeal, the available empirical data from Connecticut suggests that the majority of entitlement recipients actually support the use of biometrics. Some have criticized such surveys as flawed because the recipients could be reluctant to provide their true opinions because of retaliation fears.
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Inside the Fun Factory
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FIGURE 14.28. Swash plate cam.
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How Generic Types Are Instantiated
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Personnel Resources
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A variety of security issues affect PBXs. IT managers and security professionals need to be aware of these threats and vulnerabilities to be able to better protect them. Some of these include: Default passwords on administrator console This can permit anyone with physical access to the PBX with the ability to change the configuration of the PBX or extract data from it (including phone records and access controls). Passwords on many PBXs are left at factory default; this is an old practice still in place today.
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Section III: Topics in Obstetrics
Answers: 2,4
Introduction to Citrix Access Suite and Components
DeJeie and L p d a t e Actions for Referenced Rows
Inspection of ILS was added in version 6.2 of the OS. To create an ILS/LDAP inspection policy, use the following configuration:
The operator can provision LSPs through the network by statically configuring label mappings at each LSR. This can be labour intensive, of course, and unless OAM flows are sent (see the section on MPLS Protection below), it also creates an unprotected LSP; if any of the nodes or links on the paths fail, the LSP will no longer forward from ingress to egress.
// Define a class of type derived1. derived1 myclass; myclass.i = 88;
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