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This dialog box shows the various report types available in PerformancePoint Server.
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sometimes referred to as a promiscuous environment. In a bus environment the logical information path is the same as the electrical path; everything is shared and accessible by all of the nodes on the network. The most prevalent bus topology is 10Base2 (coax) Ethernet. qr code dll
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Figure 7.3 A basic single-diode mixer circuit with filtering.
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C++ from the Ground Up
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Return an object of type Err.
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Context-Sensitive Help
Methods of Integration
is to dedicate a VLAN for each subscriber and bring the VLANs to the ISP s router. This solution is inadequate for more than 4094 subscribers. Many ISPs have, for years, used a solution often called private VLANs for this problem. Instead of using one VLAN per subscriber, a Carrier Ethernet network can use two VLANs for any number of subscribers, say 500. The two VLANs are the Up VLAN and the Down VLAN, as shown in Figure 13.8. The bridges are configured so that on each subscriber port
The Base Station Subsystem: The base station subsystem consists of two additional parts. The first part is the Base Transceiver Station (BTS). The second part is the Base Station Controller (BSC). These devices communicate between the components of the system or to disparate manufacturer s equipment through a standards-based interface (the Abis interface). The BTS is where the radio systems are located for the air interfaces to the subscriber mobile unit. Radio link protocols for GSM are used between the BTS and the mobile unit. The typical GSM air interface uses Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) radio protocols.
interfaces. To form a neighbor relationship, EIGRP routers must have matching AS numbers and K-values.
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It does not affect the pregnancy course; however, it can increase the likelihood of preterm delivery Through peripartum exposure to infected maternal fluids and through breast-feeding. Transplacental infection is rare
In a dye-sub printer, such as the Olympus 400P, the ribbon passes over the printing paper four times, once for each color. Minuscule resistors put off varied amounts of heat that sublimate equally minuscule areas of dye. Depending on how hot each heating element becomes, either a little or a lot of a little dye turns into a gas that freezes back to a solid when it hits the paper. The dots overlap, providing continuous-tone color, a quality in which colors blend so smoothly there s no clue to where the colors change. It s a term otherwise reserved mainly for film prints.
13: VLANs and Trunks
The Preprocessor, RTTI, Nullable Types, and Other Advanced Topics
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