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Step 3: Deploy Citrix Password Manager Agent on a Workstation in the Child Domain
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When both the base class and the derived class define constructors, the process is a bit more complicated because both the base class and derived class constructors must be executed. In this case, you must use another of C# s keywords: base, which has two uses. The first calls a base class constructor. The second is used to access a member of the base class that has been hidden by a member of a derived class. Here, we will look at its first use.
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Console.WriteLine(house1.Area); Console.WriteLine(house2.Area);
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Software Descriptions
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LAN Testing on Copper-Wire Media Cable testers are a class of instruments used for testing copper-wire media on local area networks. The appropriate standard is the EIA/TIA 568A, TSB-67 Level II, which covers the specification of the copper wire installation.[2] This can be coaxial cable or twistedpair, both shielded and unshielded. IEEE publishes standards for the specifications of the LAN network that will be installed on the media, such as IEEE 802.3 for Ethernet/10Base-T, 802.5 for Token-Ring, etc.[3]
FIGURE 5.15.
Virtual Functions and Polymorphism
Stage IVA
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