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You can assign many variables the same value by using multiple assignments in a single statement. For example, this program fragment assigns x, y, and z the value 0:
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Both statements assign to x the value of x minus 100. There are compound assignment operators for many of the binary operators (that is, those that require two operands). The general form of the shorthand is var-name op = expression; Thus, the arithmetic and logical assignment operators are
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Photograph the scene from a distance using a zoom lens, as shown in the illustration to the right.
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5. Select the SQL tab to control how SQL is generated and which operators the individual user or group can control. 6. Click OK to save your changes to this restriction definition. Now apply the Big Queries restriction definition to the Finance group: 1. From within the Manage Access Restrictions dialog, select Add User Or Group. 2. From the Select Users and Groups dialog, scroll to the Finance group. 3. Select the group and click > to add group to the right-hand side of the dialog, Selected Groups And Users. 4. Click OK to apply the change and close the dialog. 5. From the Manage Access Restrictions dialog, ensure that both the newly created restriction, Big Queries, and the group Finance are highlighted. Click Apply. 6. Click OK to save the restriction definitions and close the dialog.
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Color Map lens effects remap colors beneath the lens to a progression through the color wheel using a From color (usually a dark color) and a To color (usually a light color).
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The output is shown here:
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with surrounding text and graphics. Consider using Corel PHOTO-PAINT to edit the bitmap before using the What The Font ! command in CorelDRAW. Here is a working example of how to use What The Font ! to find out what a specific font used on an invitation is called so it can be purchased:
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Shrinkage and temperature reinforcement: Temp As 0.75 Ag / fy ( Minimum cover is 1.0 based on Table or state code requirements. Crack control: fs Z / (dcA) 0.33 0.6 fy ( Z 23000 N/mm, d 50 mm Service I limit state. Unfactored moment to calculate tensile stress in reinforcement M MDC MDW MLL I n Es / Ec, Es 200000 Mpa ( Ec 0.043 c fc ( Overhang design: Design as nonredundant member. Cantilever span 6 ft ( or 0.65 girder spacing. Distance to face of barrier 3 ft ( Minimum edge depth 8 in for overhang supporting parapets or deck mounted posts 12 in for side mounted posts. Live loads: Equivalent live load 1.0 kip/ft located 1.0 ft from face of railing. Strength I limit state for HL-93 loads Extreme event II for collision from vehicles Negative moments at fascia girders from parapet loads have bene cial effects of reducing positive moments in deck continuous spans. Since extreme state collision moment is distributed over 5 to 10 ft width of deck, it is generally smaller than deck negative moment. Due to small cantilever span, strength I overhang moment deck negative moments. Cantilever design does not control the deck design. Overhang slab is usually cast composite with the parapet by placing U- or ell-shaped rebars from overhang slab inside the barrier. Overhang thickness is increased for extreme cases of collision of parapet or railing. In such cases, overhang will not crack,and parapet or railing can be made sacri cial. (A13.4.2)
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Solution: This is a parabola (the 2 in the exponent) that opens down (the minus sign in front of the squared term) and it is shifted up or down and sideways (the 8 means it is shifted up and down and the presence of an x term means it is shifted sideways). If you did not know this go back and review the sections relating to graphing parabolas.
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Figure 2.4 The Victorville City Hall addition. (Image courtesy of RQ Construction.)
Advanced Multimedia, CPU and Memory Optimization, and Virtual IP Addressing
Picture CD
Build Your Own Elec tric Vehicle
The EOS-1Ds is Canon s newest professional SLR. It s the first Canon digital SLR with a sensor which captures a full 35 mm frame, using a CMOS sensor like that found in the EOS-D30 and D60. This 11 mega-pixel camera packs a big punch. It also packs a big pricetag.
takes time at a molecular level. As a result, it takes time to refresh the display. An LCD, with a refresh time of more than 33 ms will blur 30 fps video. A refresh time of 16.7 ms is needed to maintain the 59.94 fields per second rate of de-interlaced video. Newer LCDs with very low pixel latency can handle even 120 Hz display rates (8.3 ms). LCDs do not suffer from burn in. Liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS) Similar to DLP rear projection displays, this type of television operates by projecting colored light through a translucent matrix of liquid crystals, in which each cell can be individually made opaque, transparent or somewhere in between. Unfortunately, because LCoS uses liquid crystal, these displays tend to suffer from the same performance issues as LCD and often require three separate light sources (or one light source with three pathways through three separate color filters) in order to provide full color reproduction. With the rapid acceptance of these display technologies and with new ones emerging, such as, organic light-emitting diodes (OLED), high dynamic range (HDR), D-ILA (Digital Direct Drive Image Light Amplifier) , and SXRD (Silicon X-tal Reflective Display), the content producer s job becomes a bit more complicated. It used to be that a producer only had to worry about NTSC and PAL video formats. Now they have a half dozen new display technologies that bring their own problems to the reproduction mix.
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