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NOTE An organization that is considering a SaaS provider for one of its applications will need to ensure that the SaaS provider has adequate controls in place to protect the organization s data. In particular, the SaaS provider should have controls in place that will prevent one SaaS customer from being able to view the data associated with a different customer. An organization can consider a SaaS provider to be similar to other service providers. Generally, methods used to determine the integrity and quality of a SaaS provider would be the same as used with other service providers.
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95. Set up, but do not calculate, the integral that represents the surface area of the surface obtained when the curve y = x, 1 x 4, is rotated about the x-axis. 4 (a) 1 2 1/sqr tx 1 + x 2 dx 4 (b) 1 2 x 1 + [1/(4x)] dx 4 (c) 1 2 x 1 + 4x dx 4 (d) 1 2 x 1 + 4x 2 dx 4 (e) 1 2 x 1 + [1/(4x 2 )] dx 96. A swimming pool is rectangular in shape with vertical sides. The bottom of the pool has dimensions 20 feet by 40 feet, and the pool is 10 feet deep. The pool is full. Calculate the total hydrostatic pressure on that portion of the short side of the pool between depths 2 feet and 5 feet. (a) 1210.4 (b) 1310.4 (c) 1110.4 (d) 1001.4 (e) 1020.4
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Table A-1. IMA Error Codes (Continued )
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52. Molecules on the surface of the cell membrane that bind specific outside molecules and thereby signal the cell to do something are called
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Networking Through the Internet Using System.Net
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An algorithm that
When Does This Solution Not Fit
Parameters Affecting Functional Obsoleteness
Solution: Looking at the function, note that it is a parabola (x2 term), it is flatter than normal (0.5 coefficient), it opens up (positive coefficient of the x2 term), and it is moved up the axis one unit. Now put in some numbers: x = 0, y = 1 is the apex, and the y-axis is the symmetry line. Add the points x = +2, y = 3 and sketch the graph (Fig, 1-10).
Figure 11.10 SMDS interworking.
Default Value (if not present) 1
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