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Embellishments: Bevels, PowerClips, and Shadows
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This will allow us to just read off the Thevenin equivalent resistance and voltage. Note that the actual value of the current source and voltage are irrelevant, so we leave them as symbolic currents and voltages. The Karni method is best illustrated with examples. Let s look at two scenarios. EXAMPLE 3-7 Find the Thevenin equivalent of the circuit shown in Fig. 3-32. SOLUTION The rst step is to add a current source to the open-circuit terminals A-B. This is shown in Fig. 3-33. Now we apply KCL and KVL to the circuit. Applying KVL to the outside loop as shown in Fig. 3-33, we have 100 + 5I1 + 6Io + v o = 0 v o = 100 5I1 6Io
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Connections: Image Formats: Video Capture Format: Video Capture Resolutions: Frames per Second:
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a dark arrow to its right. If a pull-down menu item is followed by three periods, selecting this item will cause a dialog box to be displayed that relates to the item. The menu window actually contains two areas. The first is the very top menu row, which contains the standard menu items, File, Edit, and so forth. The second area holds the various toolbars that can be configured and used by the IDE. By default, the IDE shows all the toolbars on the menu window. The following sections describe each entry in the main menu. The toolbars region is also briefly examined.
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<name> The named counter to be reset. <integer> The number to which the named counter should be reset. If no integer is given, then the counter is reset to 0. Negative values are permitted. none No reset is performed. If an element has both counter-increment and counter-reset declared, then the Note counter is first reset and then incremented. More than one counter may be reset at a time.
Eliminating the goto would force the use of three if and break statements. In this case, the goto simplifies the code. While this is a contrived example used for illustration, you can probably imagine situations in which a goto might be beneficial. One last point: Although you can jump out of a block (as the preceding example shows), you can t use the goto to jump into a block.
Residual risk is the risk that is left over from the original risk, after some of the risk has been removed through mitigation or transfer. For instance, if a particular threat had a probability of 10 percent before risk treatment and 1 percent after risk treatment, the residual risk is that 1 percent left over. This is best illustrated by the following formula: Original Risk Mitigated Risk Transferred Risk = Residual Risk
type of Artistic Media, but for this example, let s just work with a Default Stroke. You can hide the Brushes and Object Sprayer categories from the selector list by clicking the flyout button and checking only the Preset.
Media Gateway Control and the Softswitch Architecture
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