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path layer performance, however; within the transmission network there are typically many lines and regenerator sections between line terminating equipment (LTE). At the line layer, for example, there might be a 135 Mbps microwave radio link carrying three DS3 streams with several hops (or regenerative repeater sections) en route. Performance primitives are basic error events or other performance-related occurrences detected by monitoring the frame format code or the line code of a digital signal. These performance primitives are grouped into categories of anomalies and defects. Anomalies generally are degradations in performance, whereas a defect is a limited interruption in the ability of a system to perform a required function. Examples of defect primitives are loss of signal (LOS), out-of-frame (OOF), severely errored frame (SEF), and alarm indication signal (AIS). Examples of performance primitives are:
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TABLE 2.11 WAN Interconnects.
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Optical Media Transmission Rate Constraints code to generate barcode
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Localizing Variables
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FIGURE 13-10
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We see that it is often useful to apply I and II several times.
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Figure 3.10 Optical fiber attenuation as a function of wavelength.
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In this case, the compiler cannot differentiate between the two version of MyMeth( ) simply because one uses an out int parameter and the other uses a ref int parameter. Method overloading supports polymorphism because it is one way that C# implements the one interface, multiple methods paradigm. To understand how, consider the following. In languages that do not support method overloading, each method must be given a unique name. However, frequently you will want to implement essentially the same method for different types of data. Consider the absolute value function. In languages that do not support overloading, there are usually three or more versions of this function, each with a slightly different name. For instance, in C, the function abs( ) returns the absolute value of an integer, labs( ) returns the absolute value of a long integer, and fabs( ) returns the absolute value of a floating-point value. Since C does not support overloading, each function must have its own unique name, even though all three functions do essentially the same thing. This makes the situation more complex, conceptually, than it actually is. Although the underlying concept of each function is the same, you still have three names to remember. This situation does not occur in C# because each absolute value method can use the same name. Indeed, the .NET Framework class library includes an absolute value method called Abs( ). This method is overloaded by the System.Math class to handle the numeric types. C# determines which version of Abs( ) to call based upon the type of argument. A principal value of overloading is that it allows related methods to be accessed by use of a common name. Thus, the name Abs represents the general action that is being performed. It is left to the compiler to choose the right specific version for a particular circumstance. You, the programmer, need only remember the general operation being performed. Through the application of polymorphism, several names have been reduced to one. Although this example is fairly simple, if you expand the concept, you can see how overloading can help manage greater complexity. When you overload a method, each version of that method can perform any activity you desire. There is no rule stating that overloaded methods must relate to one another. However, from a stylistic point of view, method overloading implies a relationship. Thus, while you can use the same name to overload unrelated methods, you should not. For example, you could use the name Sqr to create methods that return the square of an integer and the square root of a floating-point value. But these two operations are fundamentally different. Applying method overloading in this manner defeats its original purpose. In practice, you should only overload closely related operations. C# defines the term signature, which is the name of a method plus its parameter list. Thus, for the purposes of overloading, no two methods within the same class can have the same signature. Notice that a signature does not include the return type since it is not used by C# for overload resolution. Also, the params modifier is not part of the signature.
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A function may return an object to the caller. For example, this is a valid C++ program:
Nikon D1X
Block upconverter VHF-UHF
Note, mps.msi is the name and location of the MSI package of Presentation Server. For more on how to pass properties to the Windows Installer, refer to the MetaFrame Presentation Administrator s Guide.
As you ll see, though, the trade-offs are less painful than you might think. AS A MATTER OF FACT If you re shooting photos for use on a web page or to send to someone attached to an e-mail message, don t waste camera storage on high resolution. Use a resolution of 640 480 dpi, about a third of a megapixel, and crank up the JPEG compression. Any image with better resolution is not only wasted on displays that usually have 72 dots per inch, but they add to the time it takes to download pictures. There are people and settings for which it s a good idea to include the surroundings because they tell you something about a person, as they do in Figure 3-4. If your picture is more than a close-up of the subject s face, make the subject have a relationship, at least visually, with the surroundings.
Having the ability to coach others effectively means that developers are skilled in the following six areas: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Being an excellent developer of people Knowing how to accelerate the learner s growth Being able to create a productive relationship with the learner Knowing how to implement an effective development process Being able to align the coaching efforts with organizational requirements Being able to achieve lasting results
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