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Notice that in the preceding example, the first listing of line 1 is the command I typed in. The second, third, and fourth appearance of line 1 is the expansion of the object group references that the appliance created. Note that when you execute the write memory command, the expanded statements are not saved to flash: only the commands you physically entered are saved to flash. NOTE If you use the show access-list command to display your ACL configuration, the appliance will display the object group configuration and the ACLs that are created to enforce these policies. The appliance will replace the object references with the actual IP protocols, addresses/ network numbers, and services in real ACL commands.
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The hot topic these days is disaster recovery and business continuity (DR/BC). So, what do we do about licensing recovery when a disaster occurs All license files are bound to the NetBIOS name of the license server and are case sensitive. Obviously having more than one server with the same name on the network cannot happen. Do not panic Citrix was nice enough to give us some flexibility when licensing is down. If the license server is unavailable, the XenApp Servers will continue to log users into the farm and allow application functionality. The XenApp Servers at this point have entered a grace period. The licensing grace period for XenApp 4.5 is 30 days. The XenApp servers maintain a copy of the licensing information in the LHC (local host cache) for just this reason. The servers will continue to seek a heartbeat from the license server every five minutes until the grace period ends. The event logs contain entries that document when the servers went into the grace period and when the grace period will expire. One thing to note is that in order for a XenApp Server to enter a licensing grace period, the server must have contacted the license server at least once prior to the license server failure. Although you have 30 days to bring up a new license server in the event of a catastrophe, which should be plenty of time, some IT administrators must have the ace in the hole when it comes to DR/BC (a backup and recovery plan for every component in the data center). So, if you fit this category, we have three recommendations for maintaining DR/BC for the license server: Clustering using MS Clustering Services This version of the Citrix License Service can be installed on Microsoft Clustering Services. To accomplish this configuration, you need at least two nodes available in the active-passive configuration (this is the only cluster type supported by Microsoft Clustering Services). Cold standby solution Install the server, completely configured, including the imported license file(s). When your default server fails, just turn the cold standby on and connect it to the LAN. Because the hostname of the cold spare is the same as that of the production server, no additional configuration is needed. This is a good solution for virtualization. Keep a virtual image of the license server on hand for a fast and easy licenses recovery. The key to success, of course, is that if you add additional licenses to your production (active) license server, you must replicate these additions to the cold spare as well. Transferring the license to another IIS server Within it is possible to return licenses for reallocation. Return your licenses first and then reallocate them using the hostname of the new IIS server.
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D T N Watch how your Platinum Standards can quickly become a reliable barometer for many of life s choices. For example, the people you allow into your life should always inspire your best work and give you every opportunity to honor your higher purpose, encouraging you closer to your True North. If you begin to question whether the people around you support your desire to live your best life, refer back to your Platinum Standards. Are these people and their behaviors and intentions in alignment with your higher standards and principles for living a more abundant life For more on how to determine this, see 2. Referring to your Platinum Standards works for smaller life choices, too. Let s say you re about to choose a movie to go see. Is the message that movie sends going to fuel your intellect or your emotional well-being Nurture your nature. Be sensitive to both the positive and the detrimental effects you might experience from a wide variety of media that you let into your life from movies, books, and music to television programs, magazines you subscribe to, and even the Internet. When you ve set Platinum Standards for yourself, you start paying closer attention to all the things you allow to enter your mind and leave impressions there. You can quickly filter some of these choices, and determine what serves you best, by asking yourself these four questions before making a final decision about something: 1. Will the choice I am making honor my higher purpose and move me closer to True North 2. Is this choice in alignment with my Platinum Standards, allowing me to live a more abundant and fulfilling life 3. Does the choice I am making honor my two most precious resources my time and my energy 4. Am I choosing to accept into my life the best of the best, rather than the best of the worst I suspect that your gut reaction will help you answer these questions immediately, and if the answer to each one isn t a resounding yes! then you may need to further examine your motivation for making the choices you are making and to question why you continue to allow the mediocre, rather than the magnificent, to creep into your life. Shifting our paradigms on how we make choices takes time. So be patient. Don t beat yourself up for needing more time to adjust to this new way of thinking and to living by new and higher life standards.
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Protocol and Application Issues
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Third-Order Distortion
EXAMPLE 8-3 Find the condition for resonance for the circuit shown in Fig. 8-6. The response of the circuit is the current owing through the inductor L. The voltage source is V0 cos t. SOLUTION We apply KVL to both panes in the circuit. On the left pane we have V0 cos t = R A i 1 + R B (i 1 i 2 ) + v c
Geotek targets the same wireless niche with its digital frequency hopping, multiple access-based technology, and networks. Geotek holds a near unique position as manufacturer and spectrum owner/service operator, offering an integrated suite of mobile office solutions for dispatch, fleet management, and mobile businesses. Service offerings include dispatch, telephony, two-way messaging, automatic vehicle location, and packet data. Frequency Hopping Multiple Access (FHMA) technology lies at the core of Geotek s networks. This TDMA and spread-spectrum derivative, originally developed by the research and development arm of the Israeli military, employs frequency hopping to achieve substantial benefits in flexibility and spectral efficiency. FHMA achieves 25 30 times the capacity of existing analog technologies using a macrocell approach. Macrocells typically cover areas up to 70 miles in diameter with up to 10 radial slices or sectors, incorporating from five to 20 microsites. Within sectors, FHMA implements synchronized hops from one discrete frequency to another, in a predetermined manner at both the transmitter and receiver you stay on one piece of spectrum for only a short time. FHMA slices information packets into pieces, shuffles, and then transmits them. Packet losses result in minimal degradation since sequential losses don t occur. In addition, the system uses two-branch diversity, incorporating two separate antennas and receivers on both ends. This space diversity ensures that the best incoming signals are chosen. The system is built on TCP/IP, and every system user has an IP address. With its inherent data integration, the Internet logically becomes a larger part in Geotek s service strategy. Geotek s automatic vehicle location capability is illustrative of things to come. It has sophisticated business data applications that will drive the mobile business markets.
A producer looks after the development of one or more games preferably just one, but it depends on how big the games are. Whether at a publisher or developer, the
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Table A-1. IMA Error Codes (Continued )
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S10, IT Governance
9.2.3 ISDN Network layer
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