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the human brain, of which more than half is devoted to processing just what the eyes see. The rest of the brain does everything else. The human eye-brain combination can easily spot a robot in a combat arena and know where it is, what direction it is going, how fast it is going, its motion relative to another robot s motion, where the hazards are, and where the perimeter of the arena is. The human eye-brain can do human intuitive things, such as calculate how heavy an opponent is and how dangerous it might be, and determine the weak points to attack and when to retreat and regroup. The human brain can do this all at once plus throw out any information that is not needed for the task at hand. The eyes of a robot break the image it sees into picture elements, or pixels. A robotic vision systems has to interpret everything it sees, pixel by pixel, on the vision camera and then make decisions on it. Teaching a robot how to distinguish the difference between a steel box and an enemy robot is a challenging task. Research scientists around the world are still getting PhD s trying to figure out how to implement a reliable vision system in robots. Though vision systems are rather complex to implement, autonomous robots are still possible. For example, longtime combat robot builder Bob Gross built a beacon system that can be placed on a robot allowing it to see where the opponent is in the arena. (See the sidebar Bob Gross and Thumper, later in this chapter, for more information.) Because every robot design and function is different, this chapter cannot provide the exact details on how to implement a sensor into your robot. What this chapter will cover, however, is the basic functionality of how various sensors work. Because a specific sensor may have performance characteristics based on how it is implemented and the environment in which it is being operated, the robot builder should build a prototype sensor system and fully test it before implementing it into the robot. When using semiautonomous to full-autonomous components in your robot, testing is critical. It is best to build small-scale prototype models to test the various components and all of the failsafe features before implementing them in the final robot. All the bugs need to be worked out prior to a combat event. When at an event, you will have to demonstrate these features and the corresponding safety features to the safety inspectors; and you ll need to convince them that these features are reliable, or you won t be allowed to compete. Because of this, more time before the contest is required to test the robot and the advanced controls.
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largest possible aperture (small f-stop number) to blur the background.
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Relational database management systems (rDBMSs) represent the most popular model used for database management systems. A relational database permits the design of a logical representation of information. Many relational databases are accessed and updated through the SQL (Structured Query Language) computer language. Standardized in ISO and ANSI standards, SQL is used in many popular relational database management system products. Basic Concepts A relational database consists of one or more tables. A table can be thought of as a simple list of records, like lines in a data file. The records in a table are often called rows. The different data items that appear in each row are usually called fields. A table often has a primary key. This is simply one of the table s fields, whose values are unique. For example, a table of healthcare patient names can include each patient s Social Security number, which can be made the primary key for the table. One or more indexes can be built for a table. An index facilitates rapid searching for specific records in a table based upon the value of one of the fields other than the primary key. For instance, a table that contains a list of assets that includes their serial numbers can have an index of the table s serial numbers. One of the most powerful features of a relational database is the use of foreign keys. Here, a foreign key is a field in a record in one table that can reference a primary key in another table. For example, a table that lists sales orders includes fields that are foreign keys, each of which references records in other tables. This is shown in Figure 5-6.
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The SS7 MTP3-User Adaptation Layer (M3UA) provides an interface between SCTP and those applications that typically use the services of MTP3, such as ISUP and SCCP. M3UA and SCTP enable seamless peer-to-peer communication between MTP3 user applications in the IP network and identical applications in the SS7 network. The application in the IP network does not realize that SCTP over IP transport is used instead of the typical SS7. In the same manner that MTP3 provides services to applications such as ISUP in the SS7 network, M3UA offers equivalent services to applications in the IP network. M3UA has a registered port number of 2905. We must recognize that M3UA is simply an adaptation layer between the upper protocols and SCTP. Therefore, although it provides the same primitives to the upper layer as MTP3 offers in standard SS7, M3UA is
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Table Tool
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class base2 { protected: int y; public: void showy() { cout << y << "\n"; } }; // Inherit multiple base classes. class derived: public base1, public base2 { public: void set(int i, int j) { x = i; y = j; } }; int main() { derived ob; ob.set(10, 20); // provided by derived ob.showx(); // from base1 ob.showy(); // from base2 return 0; }
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1. Condition evaluation: Documents required for preliminary assessment of the structure s condition include: In-depth inspection report FHWA Recording and Coding Guide for the structure inventory. The old SI&A sheet codes for condition evaluation or bridge closure have now been replaced by a PONTIS data sheet. Rehabilitation report Suf ciency rating Underwater inspection report Scour rating Seismic rating.
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3: Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
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Cloud applications differ from compute clouds in that they utilize software applications that rely on cloud infrastructure. Cloud applications are versions of Software as a Service (SaaS) and include such things as web applications that are delivered to users via a browser or application like Microsoft Online Services. These applications offload hosting and IT management to the cloud.
This section will discuss the configuration of a couple of enhanced layer 2 features of transparent mode: Ether-Type ACLs and ARP inspection.
while(e > 0) { result *= 2; e--; } Console.WriteLine("2 to the " + i + " power is " + result); } } }
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