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A string used to identity of a UNI, e.g., NYCBldg12Rm102Slot22Port3
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To see more (or less) of the pages of your document in the page tab area of your document window, click-drag on the vertical divider between the page tabs and the horizontal scroll bar.
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Working with Templates
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Matt likes to structure his days; otherwise, he feels anxious. Encouraging him to slow down and do something he enjoys for an hour each day is something he would de nitely respond to positively. Having him report on this at each coaching meeting would reinforce this behavior, because Matt would not want to admit he hadn t done his assignment. Gradually have him learn to relax and slow down without the structure, then reinforce him each time he does this. Explore who Matt really is outside of work by asking him to talk about his interests and hobbies, as well as his values and what he cares about most. This will ignite his passion about doing what he loves rather than doing what he feels he should do.
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Figure 8.8 Frequency multiplication with a nonlinear element.
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Network management console
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Express irritation and resentment regularly but try to control their deeper anger
Dell s Remote Management and Personalization services include: ImageDirect Allows customers to securely create, load, and manage custom images onto the Dell desktop systems they purchase; it is fully integrated into Dell s production systems so images are applied during the manufacturing process. Application Packaging Allows IT departments to efficiently manage, deploy, install, and uninstall applications; can significantly reduce portfolio management and application support costs. Desktop Manager Automates asset management, software distribution and upgrades, patches, and antivirus and malware updates. Software Inventory and Usage Automates applications monitoring and inventories and tracking software usage. Back-up and Restore Automates desktop data backup to a secure, off-site datacenter using single instancing and data compression. Email Management Services Automates email backup and archiving to help prevent downtime, at a fraction of the cost of typical on-premise solutions. Crisis Management and Alerting Utilizes automation to provide continuous communication, reaching thousands of employees in minutes and keeping them updated during a crisis or disaster. Dell Asset Recovery and Recycling Services Recycle systems; recover residual value for customers; dispose of older assets in an environmentally responsible manner.
Figure 12-2
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In lieu of performing an exact calculation from bar bending schedules, approximate values for steel content are given below: Abutments, retaining walls and solid piers 45 to 50 kg/m3of concrete volume Piers (except solid piers) 55 to 60 kg/m3of concrete volume.
single path (no sub-paths) an object with a hole in it, for example, will produce an envelope that s unusable except for abstract artwork. For hands-on experience, use these steps.
Originally, the title of producer was only used for an employee at a publishing company. Development companies were so small that they didn t have much management apart from a lead programmer. In time, however, as development companies grew, they began to get full-time development managers, and just to complicate matters further, the development companies began to call these people producers as well. So now an externally developed game might have two producers: one at the publisher, looking out for its interests; and one at the development company, overseeing the actual construction of the game. As a result, the concept of internal and external producers has arisen but it doesn t mean internal and external to the publisher as it does with internal and external development. Instead, it refers to the location of the producer with respect to the development team. Ellen Beeman, whose story you ll read a little later in this chapter, is an internal producer working at Monolith, a development company, on an externally developed product for their publisher, Sierra Entertainment. That is, she has a development team working for her inside her company, so she is an internal producer. In the meantime, Sierra Entertainment also has a producer responsible for the product at their end. Because development is taking place outside Sierra, this person is an external producer. In order to avoid further confusion, in this chapter I ll pretend that all producers work for publishers. If I need to talk about the person overseeing development at a development company, I ll call that person the development manager.
Customizing Application Launch
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