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Chemistry: Matter and Change 22
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The C File System
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This line outputs the string C# gives you programming power. followed by a new line on the screen. Output is actually accomplished by the built-in method WriteLine( ). In this case, WriteLine( ) displays the string that is passed to it. Information that is passed to a method is called an argument. In addition to strings, WriteLine( ) can be used to display other types of information, such as numeric data. The line begins with Console, which is the name of a predefined class that supports console I/O. By connecting Console with WriteLine( ), you are telling the compiler that WriteLine( ) is a member of the Console class. The fact that C# uses an object to define console output is further evidence of its object-oriented nature. Notice that the WriteLine( ) statement ends with a semicolon, as does the using System statement earlier in the program. In general, all statements in C# end with a semicolon. The exception to this rule is the block, which begins with { and ends with }. A block does not end with a semicolon. This is why lines ending with } are not followed by a semicolon. Blocks provide a mechanism for grouping statements. They are examined in detail later in this chapter. The first } in the program ends Main( ), and the last } ends the Example class definition. One last point: C# is case-sensitive. Forgetting this can cause serious problems. For example, if you accidentally type main instead of Main, or writeline instead of WriteLine, the preceding program will be incorrect. Furthermore, although the C# compiler will compile classes that do not contain a Main( ) method, there is no way to use one as an entry point for executing your program. So, if you had mistyped Main, the compiler would still compile your program. However, you would also see an error message that states that Example.exe does not have an entry point defined.
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No one anywhere would seriously question licensing and insuring Jim Harris 1993 Ford Ranger pickup EV conversion you met in 10. It goes 75 mph and Ford has already guaranteed its chassis compliance with FMVSS and NHTSA safety standards. On the other hand, many jurisdictions used to balk at licensing and insuring the home-built and/or commercially produced golf-cart style EVs of the 1970s that could barely reach 45 mph and did raise issues of safety. That is why there was the creation of the FMVSS 500 ruling that allows for low-speed vehicles to be driven. They are golf cart style EVs; however, they have some basic safety features of a regular vehicle (turn signals, brake lights, taillights, bumpers, reverse lights and sound). Those vehicles are regularly called either low-speed vehicles or neighborhood electric vehicles and cannot go more than 25 miles per hour and can only be driven on public roads that do not exceed 35 miles per hour. In addition, each state (in the United States) must also approve the use of this type of vehicle on the road. Most of the states in the United States do allow for a NEV to be driven on public roads. Which end of the spectrum your EV conversion of today resembles directly determines its ability to clear any licensing and insuring hurdles. Let s take a closer look at each area.
DSL Cable Satellite
The Enneagram and Coaching
Figure 6.52 (a) A basic RC low-pass filter; (b) a basic RC high-
int IndexOf(T obj) void Insert(int idx, T obj) void RemoveAt(int idx)
Figure 14.3 The 10Base-T star-wired topology uses twisted-pair cabling and a multiple-port repeater called a hub to implement Ethernet and IEEE 802.3 networks.
North Carolina
This is the same as simply left-clicking on the bar. It takes the user down one level in the hierarchy for the chosen item. This is sometimes called cross drilling because it allows the user to drill down on any dimension, not just the dimensions currently in the Series and Bottom Axis. Cross drilling is explained in greater detail later on in the chapter. Drill Up will take the current item and drill up to the previous level in the hierarchy. While drilling down shows only the children of the chosen item, drilling up shows the parent of the chosen items and all its siblings; in other words, it shows all items at the parent level. If the user right-clicks on the first half of 2004 and chooses to drill up, the resulting data are all the members at the Year level, not just the year 2004. The Options Available to a User when Right-Clicking on a Bar in an Analytic Report
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