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Borland C++ Builder: The Complete Reference
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11: Using I/O
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Necessary personnel must be identified for both the upgrades and for the actual project implementation. For instance, later in this chapter we describe the composition of the implementation teams. Decisions need to be made about the number of technicians required to migrate users at headquarters and at all remote offices. Although the actual migration time for a user in a remote office can often be kept down to about an hour, travel and logistics make a four-hour average estimate more realistic. The time, money, and resource constraints will determine how many technicians are assigned to the project.
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Playing Back Recorded or Saved Macros
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HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanmanServer\Parameters Value: MaxMpxCt (REG_DWORD): 1024 Value: MaxWorkItems (REG_DWORD): 4096
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Comparison of Adverbs Adverbs are compared as follows:
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Part I:
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1.1.5 Transformers
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The preceding program displays the value 100. Unfortunately, the multiplication sign and the at address sign are the same, and the bitwise AND and the address of sign are the same. These operators have no relationship to each other. Both & and * have a higher precedence than the binary arithmetic operators. You must make sure that your pointer variables always point to the correct type of data. For example, when you declare a pointer to be of type int, the compiler assumes that any address it holds points to an integer value. Because C allows you to assign any address to a pointer variable, the following code fragment compiles (although C++ Builder will issue a warning message) but does not produce the desired result.
Address Translation
The real risk is water fade (water absorption) and multipath fade across bodies of water. These can be accommodated for the most part in design of the radio path. A microwave link can transmit gigabytes of data without dropping a single bit (or packet when a data transmission uses packetized information). On copper wire, noise is always present. Thermal noise causes a continuous hum, white noise, and the like. A microwave path can be so clear that if no one is talking or sending data, the line is perfectly silent. This is difficult for the average lay person to understand.
To distribute objects quickly, use hot keys while at least two objects are selected and while using the Pick Tool. Here are the hot keys you can use to distribute objects:
Example 4.8 demonstrates a j o i n o f the Course and Offering tables. The j o i n condition Course.CourseNo
15 10 5 4 2 _5 _10 _15 6
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