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Cell-based, Cell-based, connection-oriented connectionless Limited Steps: 1.544M or N 1.544M (up to 45M), where N is usually an integer value Step function
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staff prior to including your site in their search engine. While this offers an avenue to avoid having to submit your site to Yahoo! multiple times to gain a listing, it does favor the larger, more well-heeled sites at the expense of those sites with few dollars to spend on promotion. To effectively leverage the Internet as a promotional tool, sometimes the best way is to skirt the expensive paths and t approaches that t your budget. This might include: Trading Web articles or other content in exchange for links from another site to yours. Larger Web sites are often desperate for fresh content to keep their site interesting to visitors, so you have a powerful bargaining chip at your disposal. Choose sites that match your specialty interest for the best results. Producing a monthly electronically published newsletter made available through the Internet, using a simple sign-up list. You can build the subscription list through postings in newsgroups or special-interest forums, sign-up forms on your Web site, or through opt-in mailing lists for people who have expressed an interest in receiving information about your topic of interest. Performing an opt-in mailing through a service such as YesMail ( to reach a targeted segment of the market. This can be an effective way to announce a new product release or stimulate interest in a title that has been available independently for some time. Using services, such as s search term bidding, to selectively choose those terms that you want to use to identify your business on the Internet. Clever use of terms and skillful bidding can bring you to the top of the list in many select areas, as described in Bidding on Search Terms on page 446. Offering training in a specialized area and posting your training course on one of the Web sites that provides both the tools and the content storage. For example, if you have a product that facilitates 3D character animation, you could create a beginner s course on character animation and post it on You not only gain attention from prospective customers, but you can achieve a level of credibility for your product or title. Offering some extremely valuable resource on your Web site that will become a focal point for the kinds of people you want to become aware of your product. For example, if you have an opti-
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of the window, which contains the status bar, or by View | Window List and select the unit window. This window is a text file window. All program coding is done in this window. Unit windows are also called code windows.
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3. Select the appropriate network interconnect type and configure for the environment. 4. Enter the cluster name. 5. Choose CFS for Oracle Home and Datafiles . 6. Configure CFS for Oracle Home and set it to the 8GB logical drive created earlier. 7. Configure CFS for Datafiles and set it to the data logical drive created earlier. 8. Complete the wizard. 9. Start the \install\win32\setup.exe program to install the OraCFS file system on the cluster nodes. 10. Select the 8GB logical drive for Oracle Home files. At this point, the drive letters assigned to the shared disk should be visible from all cluster nodes. In addition, several new services should now be visible in the Services Control Panel applet. D. Install Oracle 9i R2. When installing Oracle 9i R2, do not select a preinstalled database. Before installing a database, certain files must be patched for RAC to work properly. Selecting a preinstalled database causes the DBCA Wizard to start and automatically create a database before the RAC components are successfully patched. 1. From the Oracle9i CD, start the setup.exe program to install database server software. 2. On the node selection page, select all the Oracle servers to be included in this cluster. 3. Navigate to the \stage\products.jar directory on the CD to select the appropriate products file. 4. Set the Oracle Home name. 5. In the path field, select the 8GB logical drive path you created earlier for the Oracle Home files. 6. On the next page, select Enterprise Edition. 7. On the Database Type page, select custom so the DBCA wizard does not autocreate a database at the end of install. 8. Complete the remainder of the Installation Wizard. 9. Complete the Network Configuration Assistant. Click Yes to ignore the warning message. This is a known issue with cluster servers. 10. The Database Configuration Assistant starts. Click Cancel to quit out of this wizard. CFS patches must be applied before running this wizard. 11. End the installation. 12. If Enterprise Manager starts, click Cancel to close it.
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Big cities are exciting places to visit and to photograph. Most major metropolitan areas have distinguishing
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The Business Case for Going to the Cloud
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SOLUTION We may apply Theorem 2.1(a) repeatedly to see that
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In the comparative, use nouns to compare two or more things in one
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