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We recommend installing the Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) to build and manage your OU and GPO structure. Follow these steps, as illustrated in Figure 16-8, to create a separate OU in Active Directory: 1. Choose Start | Programs | Administrative Tools | Group Policy Management. 2. Select the top-level domain and right-click to select New Organizational Unit. 3. Enter the name for the OU that will house the Citrix XenApp Servers. Click OK. We used Terminal Servers for our example.
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Part Three
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Computers and many peripheral devices conventionally contain some form of Read-Only Memory (ROM), which generally contains low-level, machine-speci c instructions that allow the computer or device to interact with an operating system, host adapter, or bus controller. ROM chips containing this type of rmware on a computer motherboard or on a circuit board internal to a peripheral can be updated only by physically swapping the outdated ROM with a newer version containing more recent rmware. The recordable CD industry in particular had numerous problems with the rmware included in early units, many of which contained ROMs with built-in bugs and defects. A recent trend in current-generation recorders is the incorporation of Flash ROMs in place of ROMs for rmware storage. This features provides chips that can be rewritten by software, making the upgrading of rmware a far simpler task. With an upgrade diskette from the manufacturer or a downloaded upgrade le, you can reprogram the device from your computer without ever removing the CD recorder cover. Several manufacturers have signed on to this method of upgradability, including Plasmon, Pinnacle, and JVC. Check the speci cations for any recorder that you are interested in to see if it supports rmware upgrades through software. This capability is a de nite plus. With the changing nature of
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Console.Write("Dimensions of r2: "); r2.Show(); Console.WriteLine("Area of r2: " + r2.Area()); } }
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A risk analysis that is carried out by IS auditors is distinct and separate from risk analysis that is performed as part of the IS risk management program. Often, these are carried out by different personnel and for somewhat differing reasons. A comparison of IS auditor and IS management risk analysis is shown in Table 3-1. In Table 3-1, I am not attempting to show a polarity of focus and results, but instead a tendency for focus based on the differing missions and objectives for IS audit and IS management.
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Operator & | ^ || && ! Meaning AND OR XOR (exclusive OR) Short-circuit OR Short-circuit AND NOT
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The output from the program is shown here:
26: Frame Relay
A Spitzoid melanoma histopathologically does not always have a Spitzoid dermoscopic features Can be associated with a dysplastic nevus or develop de novo May or may not demonstrate the clinical ABCD clinical criteria Flat or slightly raised lesion Asymmetry of color and structure Multicomponent global pattern Black and/or dark brown irregular pigment network Irregular dots and globules Irregular dark blotches Regression and/or hypopigmentation Lacks the criteria associated with deeper melanomas (pink, red, or blue color, atypical vessels) (Figure 1-32) Asymmetrical follicular pigmentation Annular-granular structures Rhomboid structures Circle within a circle Gray color and/or gray granules (atypical melanocytes) surrounding the periphery of follicular units with the presence of a centrally located hair shaft Absence of the fingerprint pattern With invasion (lentigo maligna melanoma) one sees irregular black blotches with or without the disappearance/ destruction of follicular openings Melanoma-specific criteria as seen in other locations with more advanced disease Starts in an existing nevus or de novo Demonstrates the clinical ABCD criteria
If the United States is going to insist that other nations make compatible identity cards, these nations will likely insist on being able to read U.S. national ID cards as well, and not only physically but also cryptographically (since the cards are encoded to inhibit casual perusal). If these countries are given the U.S. decryption key (or keys, if multiplied as above) then they must protect the key (or keys) as well as they are protected here. Alternatively, those who go abroad can have an additional alphanumeric encoded into their card, the key to which is provided to foreign countries. If that key is compromised and it wafts back to the United States (as is likely) then those people with an alternative alphanumeric may be subject to ID checks by unauthorized persons. For those who go overseas, a second ID card (or a third) that contains a second alphanumeric would solve the problem. Data sharing is another issue. Terrorism is an international problem; the plot against the World Trade Center and Pentagon was apparently hatched in Germany (and supported by travel through Spain, Malaysia, and other countries). The United States would be helped if non-citizens were monitored in friendly states and the data shared but then the United States must be prepared to share data as well. Can the United States trust that other nations would adhere to similar standards of data confidentiality and appropriateness Perhaps, again, with traditional allies, this is a minor issue; Europeans complain about lax U.S. data privacy regimes. But even close allies have different mores; certain speech acts are crimes in France and Germany but are considered protected speech here. The real problem comes if a U.S. national ID system were to enable malevolent regimes to control their population better. Merely the fact that people who travel to the United States (or, perhaps, also Europe, etc.) have electronically readable cards may make it easier for foreigners to demand to read these so that cardholders (many of whom may be mere dissidents) can be tracked more efficiently. If the United States demands intelligence from unsavory countries to fight terrorism, can it resist demands that it provide checkpoint data collected here on what the oh-so-helpful regime considers their enemies (for example, dissidents)
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