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Divide The Divide mode produces only a lighter result color if neither the target nor source objects are black or white. Use this mode to bleach and produce highlights in a composition by using a light color for the transparency object such as 10 percent black. Also, if the source object is darker than the target object, no color change is the result. If Lighter If Boolean math could be accurately transcribed to street English, this mode would read, If the color I m over is darker than I am, lighten the result according to how much lighter I am than the target object. And if this color s lighter, don t make any result changes. This mode is useful for shading selective areas of a composition without affecting others, without reshaping the transparency object, and without the need for PowerClips. If Darker Similar in effect to Multiply mode, If Darker calculates the result color based on the following: If areas in the target object are darker, a color combination is the result. If the target area s the same color or lighter, there is no result color. It s particularly interesting to view the result when an If Lighter or an If Darker object is placed above a fountain-filled target object. You will see clipping, a hard edge where the fountain fill reaches a specific value such that the result color doesn t qualify to display a change. Try this mode when you need tinting and an abrupt end to the tinting process as the target object or objects grow lighter than the source object. Texturize This mode will not produce much of a change unless you fill the source object with a bitmap or pattern fill. However, for example, if you fill the transparency object with a bitmap fill, the result is a shaded and patterned area. This mode removes the hue and saturation from the bitmap fill, leaving only brightness values, in effect, making your target object a shaded version of the original, sort of like merging a grayscale photograph over an object. This is a useful mode when you do not want the target object to influence the result colors with any distinct hues, and you can use this mode to quickly build up texture and simulate real-world complexity in your composition. Hue The Hue merge mode changes the result color to the hue of the target color, without affecting saturation or brightness in the result. This mode is useful for tinting compositions, and the target object colors are ignored in the result. Saturation The Saturation merge mode can be used to remove color from the result; it s quite nice at making black-and-white photographs from color images. This mode ignores hue and brightness components in the result. Try using shades of black as the transparency object s fill. Highlight-saturated target and source objects will produce no change in the result.
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Figure 11-3: Graphic representation of the ATM protocol interfaces Table 11-4: Summary of Where Protocols Are Used for ATM Location End user to LAN End user to WAN Between network nodes in a WAN Between nodes in a Interprivate WAN Between carriers in a public network Between a Frame Relay and an ATM interface device From a legacy router to the network On a LAN-to-LAN interconnection Protocol/Specification Private User to Network Interface (Private UNI) Public User to Network Interface (Public UNI) Public Network Node to Network Node Interface (Public NNI) Private Network Node to Network Node face (Private NNI) The Intercarrier Interface (ICI) Frame User Network Interface (FUNI) Data Exchange Interface (DXI) LAN Emulation (LANE)
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By nite differences, verify the test results of Fig. 10.13.
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Bevel Selector button Bevel depth Bevel angle
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#include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <alloc.h> int main(void) { char *ptr; int status; if((ptr = (char *) malloc(10)) == NULL) exit(1); status = heapchecknode(ptr); if(status == _USEDENTRY) printf("Node is being used.\n");
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For many years, coaxial cable systems have carried their own power for operating cascades of ampli ers. Power supply voltages have increased from 30 v.a.c. to 90 v.a.c. over the years. The most common voltage was 60 v, which increased to 72 75 v, then to 90 v. Most power supplies used a ferroresonant transformer and were a non-standby type. The ferroresonant transformer provided a regulated alternating power supply. A large capacitor was connected across a separate transformer s secondary winding to form the resonant circuit. A circuit diagram of this type of cable power supply is shown in Figure 7-24. Voltage regulation was usually on the order of less than 5 percent for most supplies of this type, which was a workhorse for the industry. Many small or rural systems may still have some in service.
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Figure 4-13
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Part I:
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house does not, itself, contain the object. Instead, it contains a reference to the object.
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At a high level, EoS enables service providers to leverage the strengths of SONET technology and its massive installed base to cost-effectively deliver Ethernet services. Specifically, EoS (and the MSPP) best fit in access networks where
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Example Process
As you know, strings are simply character arrays that are null-terminated. Thus, when you pass a string to a function, only a pointer to the beginning of the string is actually passed. This is a pointer of type char *. For example, consider the following program. It defines the function stringupper( ), which converts a string to uppercase.
CPU Usage Long-term CPU Usage
(b) Equivalent mechanism.
After Failure
If a tree is growing in a forest, then both its height and its radius will be increasing. These two growths will depend in turn on (i) the amount of sunlight that hits the tree, (ii) the amount of nutrients in the soil, and (iii) the proximity of other trees. We may wish to study the relationship among these various parameters. For example, if we know that the amount of sunlight and nutrients are increasing at a certain rate then we may wish to know how that affects the rate of change of the radius. This consideration gives rise to related rates problems.
Use a Base Class Constraint
x 2 sin x dx.
After the Exam
The next major advance in programming languages was Java. Work on Java, which was originally called Oak, began in 1991 at Sun Microsystems. The main driving force behind Java s design was James Gosling. Patrick Naughton, Chris Warth, Ed Frank, and Mike Sheridan also played a role. Java is a structured, object-oriented language with a syntax and philosophy derived from C++. The innovative aspects of Java were driven not so much by advances in the art of programming (although some certainly were), but rather by changes in the computing environment. Prior to the mainstreaming of the Internet, most programs were written, compiled, and targeted for a specific CPU and a specific operating system. While it has always been true that programmers like to reuse their code, the ability to easily port a program from one environment to another took a backseat to more pressing problems. However, with the rise of the Internet, in which many different types of CPUs and operating systems are connected, the old problem of portability became substantially more important. To solve this problem, a new language was needed, and this new language was Java. Java achieved portability by translating a program s source code into an intermediate language called bytecode. This bytecode was then executed by the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Therefore, a Java program could run in any environment for which a JVM was available. Also, since the JVM is relatively easy to implement, it was readily available for a large number of environments. In addition to the need for portability, there was a second fundamental problem that needed to be solved before Internet-based programming could become a reality. This problem was security. As all Internet users know, computer viruses constitute a serious and on-going potential threat. What good would portable programs be if no one could trust them Who would want to risk executing a program delivered via the Internet It might contain malicious code. Fortunately, the solution to the security problem is also found in the JVM and bytecode. Because the JVM executes the bytecode, it has full control of the program and can prevent a Java program from doing something that it shouldn t. Thus, the JVM and bytecode solved both the issues of portability and security. It is key to understand that Java s use of bytecode differed radically from both C and C++, which were nearly always compiled to executable machine code. Machine code is tied to a specific CPU and operating system. Thus, if you wanted to run a C/C++ program on a different system, it needed to be recompiled to machine code specifically for that environment. To create a C/C++ program that would run in a variety of environments, several different executable versions of the program were needed. Not only was this impractical, it was also expensive. Java s use of an intermediate language was an elegant and cost-effective solution. It was also a solution that C# would adapt for its own purposes. As mentioned, Java is descended from C and C++. Its syntax is based on C, and its object model is evolved from C++. Although Java code is neither upwardly nor downwardly compatible with C or C++, its syntax is sufficiently similar that the large pool of existing C/C++ programmers could move to Java with very little effort. Furthermore, because Java built upon and improved an existing paradigm, Gosling, et al., were free to focus their attentions on the new and innovative features. Just as Stroustrup did not need to reinvent the wheel when creating C++, Gosling did not need to create an entirely new language when developing Java.
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