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regular list of values is cached. For example, in the preceding screen, each query refresh that uses the list of values for customers in France forces a regeneration of the list of values for those customers. Noncascaded list of values, however, use a cached pick list. Therefore, it s important to compare the performance impact between a long list of values that is cached and a short list of values that is not cached.
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No new aliases will be added and new users will not be created Ideally, the text for this should be rephrased . . . until users explicitly access InfoView. With either option, user aliases are automatically created. The difference is in when they are created.
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1. C. CSU/CSUs are used to terminate synchronous digital circuits and provide DCE services such as clocking and synchronization. A is incorrect because a router can provide clocking only when connected to the DCE end of the cable. B is incorrect because a modem is used for asynchronous services, and D is incorrect because it is a DTE and doesn t provide clocking/synchronization. 2. C. WANs primarily operate at the physical and data link layers. Therefore A, B, and D are incorrect.
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Optionally, you can qualify the output by just listing one user. Here is an example of the show uauth command:
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Some sensors have built-in techniques that clean up the signal they create. Sonar detectors, for example, emit a ping in specific sound frequency ranges and ignore input from other frequencies. This helps filter noise and avoid interference from other sounds in the sensor s environment. Similar approaches are used with infrared detectors using filters and lenses to avoid unwanted wavelengths of light.
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The output from this program is shown here:
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9.50 9.55 9.60 9.65 9.70 9.75 9.80 9.85 9.90 9.95 10.00 10.05 10.10 10.15 10.20 10.25 10.30 10.35 10.40 10.45 10.50 10.55 10.60 10.65 10.70 10.75
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On the Telco side of the interface, we only need 2B + D and some overhead for timing and control. The total is 160 KB/s. This means in engineering terms that the primary spectral peak is at about 80 kHz. In layman s terms, it means we are only trying to send 80 kHz down the old local loop twisted pair wire. What we have effectively done is halved the bandwidth requirements of the line. This trade-off isn t free though; it means that the signal-to-noise ratio has to be better than if we were to use a simpler encoding system. The next problem is that the old local loop has different gauge wire and has bridge taps (refer back to Figure 9-5 ). Unfortunately, when sending pulses down the line, we are going to get reflections from these gauge changes and bridge taps. These reflections show our transmitted signal much lower in amplitude and delayed in time ( Figure 9-6 shows this reflection as a dashed line). The reflections will always be
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Program Control Statements
is zero");
A walkthrough is similar to a document review: it s a review of just the DRP and BCP documents. However, where a document review is carried out by individuals working on their own, a walkthrough is performed by an entire group of individuals in a live discussion. A walkthrough is usually facilitated by a leader who guides the participants pageby-page through each document. The leader may read sections of the document aloud, describe various scenarios where information in a section might be relevant, and take comments and questions from participants. A walkthrough is likely to take considerably more time than a document review. One participant s question on some minor point in the document could spark a worthwhile and lively discussion that could last a few minutes to an hour. The group leader or another person will need to take careful notes, in the event that any deficiencies are found in any of the documents. The leader will also need to be able to control the pace of the review, so that the group does not get unnecessarily hung up on minor points. Some discussions will need to be cut short or tabled for a later time or for an offline conversation among interested parties. Even if major revisions are needed in recovery documents, it probably will be infeasible to conduct another walkthrough with updated documents. However, follow-up document reviews are probably warranted, to ensure that they were updated appropriately, at least in the opinion of the walkthrough participants. NOTE Participants in the walkthrough should carefully consider that the potential audience for recovery procedures may be persons who are not as familiar as they are with systems and processes. They need to remember that the ideal personnel may not be available during a real disaster. Participants also need to realize that the skill level of recovery personnel might be a little below that of the experts who operate systems and processes in normal circumstances. Finally, walkthrough participants need to remember that systems and processes undergo almost continuous change, which could render some parts of the recovery documentation obsolete or incorrect all too soon.
Summary of Key Facts About the Inverse Trigonometric Functions x ; Cos x = cos x, 0 x ; 2 2 Tan x = tan x, < x < ; Cot x = cot x, 0 < x < ; 2 2 Sec x = sec x, x [0, /2) ( /2, ]; Csc x = csc x, x [ /2, 0) (0, /2]. Sin x = sin x, d 1 d 1 Sin 1 x = Cos 1 x = , 1 < x < 1; , 1 < x < 1; 2 dx dx 1 x 1 x2 d d 1 1 Cot 1 x = , < x < ; , < x < ; Tan 1 x = 2 dx dx 1+x 1 + x2 d d 1 1 , |x| > 1; , |x| > 1; Sec 1 x = Csc 1 x = 2 1 dx dx |x| x |x| x 2 1 du 1 u2 = Sin 1 u + C; du = Cos 1 u + C; 1 u2 du du = Cot 1 u + C; 1 + u2 du = Csc 1 u + C. |u| u2 1
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Cisco ASA Configuration
Analytic Grids, the PivotCharts and PivotTables can report against many different data sources, including relational tables, cubes, XML, and more. PivotCharts can even be created from data entered manually at the time the chart is created. Unlike PivotCharts, PivotTables only have one active button, Commands and Options, when first created. The Commands and Options button here is basically a conglomeration of the Commands and Options and Chart Wizard options from PivotCharts. This one button opens a dialog box that lets users connect to a data source as well as change some properties of the grid. Once a data source is chosen, the designer can choose to either select a single table or cube, or to write a query that returns the desired records. After creating a connection for a PivotChart, a Chart Field List appears that shows all of the measures and all of the attribute hierarchies. In keeping with the previous examples, a connection to the Adventure Works cube in Analysis Services would provide a list like that shown in Figure 6-22.
Part I:
1. Consider the circuit shown in Fig. 5-7 and convert it into an equivalent Y circuit. 2. Three resistors R = 12 are connected in a Y con guration. What is R for the equivalent circuit 3. In a Wheatstone bridge with R1 = 2, R3 = 4 it is found that balance is achieved when R2 = 6. What is the value of the unknown resistance
are much easier to add or change than leased lines.
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