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Audit organizations that regularly provide certain services will standardize methodologies for performing their audits. These methodologies can assist an organization in ensuring completeness, maintaining standards, and streamlining the process of management s review of work done. Methodologies can include policies, procedures, software tools, templates, checklists, and other means of providing uniformity across the audit process. These methodologies are documented and taught to new members of the organization. Documented methodologies can serve to govern many stages of the process, such as: Bidding on RFPs Risk assessments Scope Objectives Resource allocations Comprehensiveness of testing Sample sizes for testing Report templates Completion checklists Methodologies will provide a structure for achieving milestones within the audit process. For example: Risk assessment An audit firm s risk assessment approach involves employing a spreadsheet predesigned to compute an aggregate score from several different risk measurements. Form letters are used to communicate with management and collect their feedback on the client organization s risks. Management s feedback is populated into the spreadsheet along with auditors assessments, and the risks are ranked. Lead sheets These are intake forms used by auditors to capture information. Formatted lead sheets are provided for workpaper documentation. These link to the testing matrix, and basic test information and results are autopopulated. The form includes boxes for a reviewer s initials. Testing standards In order to maintain a rigorous standard of testing to support their reputation, an audit organization institutes testing standards. These standards require two different methods of testing in order to pass a control test. Testing methods are identified as: collaborative inquiry, observation, inspection, and reperformance. In addition, it is required that each control objective be supported by one form of substantive testing. Auditing software Large audit organizations frequently enforce their audit methodology with software that attempts to accommodate as much of the audit process as possible. These programs may accommodate most audit possibilities, and enforce that certain procedures be executed by the audit team. They may even include managing images of testing workpapers so that all audit documentation is incorporated into the software.
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Advanced Access Control
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Notice that the result is accurate to several decimal places more than you would probably want! Later in this chapter you will see how to format such output in a more appealing fashion.
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Trigonometric Functions
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administrator. Dynamic VLAN membership is determined by information from the user device, such as its MAC address or 802.1x authentication credentials.
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Transfer Switching
Getting Started
Sketch the angle with radian measure /6. Give its equivalent degree measure.
Query Formulation with SQL
When making a decision about whether to use duplication or replication, or an autoloader rather than a disc copier or tower, one of the primary items to consider is how many discs can be produced in a speci c time. This includes more than just recording time; one must also take into account the time required to load the discs into the recorders, and how long it takes to label and package them. But rst you must gure on the time required to produce the initial master, whether that is recorded on a CD to be copied, or mastered to an image le on a hard disc.
procedure automates the purge process for you. You must execute this procedure as the replication administrator.
The InfoView portal consists of three main panels as shown in Figure 17-1. The Header panel at the top of your screen is your main menu. This panel remains regardless if you are interacting with a document, changing portal options, or creating a new query. You can hide the Header panel by clicking the upward arrow from within the Workspace panel. You may want to hide the Header panel when you are working with a tall report and need a larger screen workspace. If you hide the Header panel, a downward arrow appears within the Workspace panel. Click this arrow to have the Header panel restored. The Navigation panel on the left-hand side of your screen provides a list of documents within the repository that you can navigate by selecting folders or categories. You can hide the Navigation panel by clicking the left pointing arrow or by clicking the Show Navigation Panel button. To restore the list of folders or categories, use the Show Navigation Panel button from the Header Panel toolbar. The Workspace panel changes depending upon the content you have selected, usually a list of reports or an individual document. Figure 17-1 shows the default workspace. I recommend you customize this workspace to display your own reports, or My InfoView. Customizing the Workspace panel is described in Options. As when working within a Microsoft Windows environment, you can manipulate the panels, or windows, by clicking the options in the upper-right corner:
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