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class ExcDemo2 { static void Main() { try { ExcTest.GenException(); } catch (IndexOutOfRangeException) { // Catch the exception. Console.WriteLine("Index out-of-bounds!"); } Console.WriteLine("After catch block."); } }
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For example, an audit engagement letter identifies a client as needing controls documentation and financial controls testing. Auditors know a new financial information system has been installed. The risk assessment shows that financial auditors annually perform test procedures on manual and automatic controls within the financial software of an organization. Conversations with management clarify that they hope to update documentation, confirm the success of their system implementation, and provide financial auditors with a report that shows system controls are operating effectively so they can reduce the scope and cost of the financial audit. The objectives of the audit will be focused on updating procedure and controls documentation for the new system, and testing new software controls rather than on other financial controls performed outside of the new software.
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10 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps, 1 Gbps, and so on. The simple rate policing offered by a provider bridge simply discards all frames in excess of the customer s guarantee. However, more sophisticated control is made possible by the Drop Eligible Indicator (DEI) bit in the S-tag. The need for the DEI bit can be illustrated by a provider/customer service-level agreement (SLA) that specifies that the provider guarantees the customer can transfer 15 Mbps and can transfer up to 50 Mbps on a best-effort basis as the provider s network bandwidth allows. Let s suppose that four customers, all with this same SLA, are being carried over a single 100 Mbps LAN. The 60 Mbps total of guaranteed traffic is perhaps sustainable. Suppose, however, three of the customers are blasting 50 Mbps, and the fourth only the guaranteed 15 Mbps. The offered load is then 165 Mbps on a 100 Mbps LAN. Certainly, the provider does not want the excess traffic from the three customers to cause the remaining customer to lose frames. If the bridge transmitting to this LAN simply marked, for each customer, all frames in excess of 15 Mbps to a lower priority (say, from 5 to 4), and if those two priority levels went into different queues (so the frames conformant to the SLA could be transmitted in preference to those in the 15 50 Mbps range), there would be a problem. Suppose a customer transmits first frame A and then frame B. Suppose the bridge decides that frame A is in excess of the 15 Mbps limit and marks it with priority 4, but frame B is OK and marks it with priority 5. Then, frame B could be delivered to its destination before frame A. Using this example, this would happen very frequently. Provider bridges, therefore, have a Drop Eligible Indicator (DEI) in the S-tag and a definition of rate policing that supports the DEI. A bridge port can be configured, for example, to discard all of the above customers traffic exceeding 50 Mbps, to set the DEI bit for all frames between 15 Mbps and 50 Mbps, and to clear the DEI bit for frames under 15 Mbps. Thus, frames are either green (DEI = 0), yellow (DEI = 1), or red (discarded). In a typical implementation, each queue (selected by the priority, not by the DEI bit) has two thresholds for discarding frames that don t fit when the queue is full the real size of the queue is used for green frames, and a smaller size is used for yellow frames. So yellow frames can only be queued for transmission if the buffer is, say, less than half full, while green frames can use the whole queue. With the addition of the DEI, the 15/50 Mbps example works. The traffic from each customer in excess of 15 Mbps is marked yellow. That traffic can compete for queue space only to a point; if the queue starts to fill up, only green traffic can pass. This way, even if alternate frames of a stream are marked yellow, all of the frames not dropped go to the same queue and are delivered in order.
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If the Sun JRE 1_5_0_02 is installed prior to installing the Presentation Server 4.0 Console, logins to the console may fail. When JRE 1.5 is already present, the JRE 1.4.2_06 installer doesn t add a registry key that is needed by the console. This is resolved by manually adding one key and one value to the registry:
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Horsepower, Torque, and Current
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Link/activity LED
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No intervention Follow-up Histopathologic diagnosis
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Payload Specification
and capture the customer s signature on an electronic form that looks, on screen, exactly like the paper version. Agents can send electronic versions of documents, such as beneficiary changes, to Nashville via modem. The system checks the forms for completeness and errors, and if they pass, the electronic document gets automatically posted to a database. AGLA does not keep a paper copy, just the signed electronic original; however, one printed copy is mailed to the customer. The system has allowed AGLA to reduce the time, and consequently the cost, it takes to issue or amend a policy. The error rate in electronically captured applications and forms is reportedly low, and processing time and cost have been cut. In addition, the streamlined process boosts customer satisfaction. Some lessons learned from the electronic signature example: People are used to providing a signature for documents and the use of an electronic signature is a very natural extension of that process. Companies are also used to requiring signatures so, again, the use of an electronic signature is a very natural extension of that policy. Both parties thus find it easy and nonthreatening to accept electronic signatures on electronic documents. 15 explains how the U.S. legal system accommodates the use of this kind of biometric-based electronic signature. Other insurance and financial companies have also fielded the technology.
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2. Static ice pressure (US Army Corps of Engineers): In 1995, Haynes suggested a minimum thermal expansion force of 5.0 kips/ft.
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