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Console.WriteLine("Next value is " + ob.Next); Console.WriteLine("\nResetting to 0"); ob.Next = 0; // Access series through an indexer. for(int i=0; i < 5; i++) Console.WriteLine("Next value is " + ob[i]); } }
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CorelDRAW X4: The Official Guide
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Subconfiguration Modes on IOS Devices
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The C# Language
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Character Escape Sequences
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Architectures and Design Issues Database
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Like the thwack bot, the overhead thwack bot uses its motor torque to power an impact weapon. Unlike the conventional thwack bot, the overhead thwack bot attacks by reversing its drive power rapidly, the reaction torque from the drive motors swinging the entire body end over end and bringing the tail end down in front of it violently. The challenge comes in getting enough inertia into the body of the robot, with significant force and accuracy to hit the target. The same rapid reversal of drive power that brings the weapon over will also drive the robot away from the target. Attacking with an overhead thwack bot is accomplished by charging at a target and then slamming itself into reverse just before impact. The entire robot has to be balanced just right, such that the robot flips over quickly before it starts to back up significantly. Insufficient or uneven wheel traction can cause the robot to veer to one side while flipping, causing the weapon to miss its intended target. Widely set wheels will help with accuracy. Figure 10-7 shows an overhead thwack bot. While a conventional thwack bot can take several revolutions to get up to speed, an overhead thwack bot must produce all its weapon power in less than one half of a full revolution of its drive wheels. The electrical and mechanical drive power components have to be optimized for a high rate of energy delivery high current rate batteries, thick wiring, high-horsepower motors, and very rugged drive gearing are a must. All the main components must fit between the drive wheels for the robot to flip freely. Usually, these bots have large-diameter wheels set wide apart to allow sufficient room between them for the main body. Of course, large-diameter wheels usually means a high gear reduction to get the right speed and torque, and large wheels and a high gear reduction will make the wheels respond more slowly to rapid motor power reversal. Optimizing an overhead thwack bot for maximum damage is difficult. The best tactic is to increase drive motor power as much as possible. Increasing the length of the tail and the weight of the mass at the end of the tail will increase
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Included Software: Included Components:
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Proj 2003
Additional Concerns for Windows 2003 Servers
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Issues of control often appear early on in the development process for all Enneagram styles and usually continue throughout the coaching process. Such control issues include who sets the agenda and time for the meetings, who prevails in the event of a difference of opinion or a disagreement about the direction of the coaching, and even power issues stemming from differences in personal and organizational power between the developer and learner. For example, if the learner has an assertive personal style and the developer is more relaxed, the learner may try to assert a disproportionate amount of control during the coaching meetings. Similarly, if the learner is the company president or a high-ranking company executive and the developer an externally hired professional coach, the learner may attempt to take control of the meetings, particularly if the coach offers feedback he or she does not want to hear. When coaching the Head Center styles Eights, Nines, and Ones developers need to be acutely aware that these learners want to feel in control of the coaching experience. If they do not, they feel disoriented and vulnerable, and their response to these feelings may be anger, unresponsiveness, and intransigence. However, developers cannot afford to give primary control of the coaching process or content to the learner, because doing so disempowers developers from having sufficient influence to guide the learner s development, offer constructive feedback, and challenge the learner when needed. Developers can, however, offer learners reassurance through words and actions about how best to proceed, what the learner will change, and that the most effective development actions to take will be decided on with the learner s full participation. While verbal reassurances help, collaborative planning and decision making throughout the coaching process are also needed.
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