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Applying Dynamic Initialization to Constructors
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accomplished through the insertion of an add/drop multiplexer (ADM) into the point-to-point network configuration. An example of a pointto-multipoint network configuration is shown in the lower portion of Figure 6.10. Note that the ADM can be a node on the network or can be routed to another multiplexer via a point-to-point network configuration. The advantage of the ADM is that it allows DS and E carrier signals to be added or removed without having to first demultiplex, then add or drop channels and then remultiplex data. This capability results from the fact that SONET and SDH frames include pointers that denote the location of signals within the frame. In addition to point-topoint and point-to-multipoint network configurations, both SONET SDH support hub and star network configurations. Thus, let s take a look at those two network configurations. HUB A hub network configuration in a SONET or SDH environment is similar to that of a LAN hub, in which the hub represents the focal point or star where a collection of point-to-point connections terminate. However, unlike a LAN hub, a SONET or SDH hub employs a digital access and cross-connect system (DACCS) to route data between individual point-to-point lines. Figure 6.11 provides an example of a SONET or SDH hub-based network configuration. Because all data flow through the DACCS, this system provides the capability to monitor network performance and utilization from a single location. Because the DACCS functions as both a switch and an add/drop multiplexer it is ideal for , supporting unexpected network growth as well as affording the capability to restructure the configuration of a network to meet changing subscriber requirements. Now that we are acquainted with the hub or star configuration, we will conclude our examination of SONET and SDH network configurations by turning our attention to the ring. RING If you pick up a trade publication, you will probably encounter one or more communications carrier advertisements that discuss their ability to almost instantaneously compensate for an outage. What they are referring to is survivability, which was one of the design goals of SONET and SDH. To accomplish this goal, both technologies support a self-healing feature that enables a fiber cut to be immediately recognized and compensated for by switching traffic onto a different path formed by a ring structure. The alternate path is built into one design
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Affex HardCopy and CDArtist-Plus These manually loaded inkjet printers (based on high-
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Video detector processor
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The voltage across the load is VL = RL 82 Vs = 300 = 256 kV RT + R L 14 + 82
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Downloaded from Digital Engineering Library @ McGraw-Hill ( Copyright 2004 The McGraw-Hill Companies. All rights reserved. Any use is subject to the Terms of Use as given at the website.
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Objects pane or double-click the object name. When you drag an object, the cursor changes, as shown in Figure 20-3, in which Quantity Sold is being dropped into the Result Objects pane. You also can drag an entire class of objects to the results pane. Ideally, you should sort the order of the result objects from left to right by how you want them to appear in the initial report. This is typically from largest dimension to smallest dimension, with the measures rightmost. Once you execute a query, the order of the result objects and that of the variable columns in a report do not necessarily match. To remove a result object, select the object and press DELETE. Alternatively, you can drag an object from the Result Objects window back to the Classes and Objects listing.
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Protection and topology discovery protocols are tightly related to each other. Protection information is used to update the topology data base, and a common frame carries information relevant to both functions. Protection provides reliable mechanisms for fewer than 50 millisecond protection for all protected traffic on a ring. Each station receives all the span status change information required to make protection switching decisions reliably, and fast. Topology discovery provides a reliable and accurate means for all stations on a ring to discover the topology of the stations on the ring, and any changes to that topology. It also provides a mechanism for rapid detection of topology changes, and a mechanism to convey additional station information to the ring. The topology and protection protocol has the following features:
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5 I N D E T E R M I N A T E F O R M S
Signaling System 7 (SS7) Testing
// These members are private. char[] stck; // holds the stack int tos; // index of the top of the stack
the DUAL algorithm) Unlike OSPF, the hello and hold-down timers on the two routers do not need to match in order for the routers to become neighbors. When two routers determine whether they will become neighbors, they go through the following process: 1. The first router generates a hello with its configuration information. 2. If the configuration information matches (AS number and K-values), the second router responds with an Update message with its local topology information. 3. The first router responds with an ACK message, acknowledging the receipt of the second s Update. 4. The first router then sends its topology to the second router via an Update message. 5. The second router responds with an ACK. At this point, the two routers have converged. This process differs from that of OSPF, where routing information is disseminated via a designated router. With EIGRP, any router can share routing information with any other router. As you can see from the preceding steps, EIGRP, like OSPF, is connection-oriented: certain EIGRP messages sent by a router will cause it to expect an acknowledgment (ACK) from the destination(s). Here are the message types for which an EIGRP router expects an ACK back:
Build Your Own Combat Robot
Downloaded from Digital Engineering Library @ McGraw-Hill ( Copyright 2004 The McGraw-Hill Companies. All rights reserved. Any use is subject to the Terms of Use as given at the website.
Irregular, not regular, pigment network and irregular globules diagnose a melanocytic lesion. The pigment network is thickened, branched, and in some areas broken up. The dots and globules are of different sizes and shapes, dark and asymmetrically located in the lesion. They are larger than in Cases 95 and 96. Compared to Cases 95 and 96, with similar criteria, the global picture is more irregular. There are, however, features that are less irregular: The irregular brown blotches are much smaller compared to those in Case 96. Bluish-white color with foci of milky-red globules fills the lesion and represents the invasive component of this melanoma. The milky-red globules could be considered pinpoint vessels. A pinkish hue can also be appreciated. The two milia-like cysts have no diagnostic significance. Milia-like cysts are not exclusively found in seborrheic keratoses and can be found in benign and malignant melanocytic lesions. One could say with near certainty that this is a melanoma. Never tell a patient that they have melanoma 100% because a very atypical historical, clinical, and dermoscopic picture could turn out to be benign. A dysplastic nevus is not in the differential diagnosis.
An easy albeit costly way to run cable between rooms in an existing home is to hire a contractor who is capable of doing a cable run. If you decide to go this route, look for someone who is experienced in running telephone or security systems. This will be helpful in that you won t have to worry too much about having to rip into walls although that might have to happen in some cases, depending on your home s design. If you are a staunch do-it-yourselfer, a spool of Steel Fish Tape can help run cable through walls, plastic, or metal conduit. This gadget costs US$59.95 for a 100-foot spool, or US$49.95 for a 50-foot spool. If you re going such a route that you need to run cabling, you might want to consider future-proofing your Smart Home by installing all-in-one cable (described in greater depth in the next section). The best solution, when buying components for a Smart Home, is to buy items that can be used with your home s existing wiring. Such products that employ the X10 protocol, for example, can be used throughout the home because X10 uses your existing electrical wires to transmit its signals. Naturally, however, if you want to connect whole house audio or video, or need to build a wired local area network (LAN), it might be necessary to run cabling. However, there are some solutions that will enable you to use existing wiring to deliver these services. For example, the Leapfrog Home Network System (as shown in Figure 3-1) allows you to watch video from your DVD, VCR, or satellite using existing phone lines. This product costs US$149.95.
Re ect on your coaching skills by answering the following questions: Which competency area is your strongest skill set
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