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your lights (or appliances) to stay on once movement has stopped. This setting can range from .1 minute, .5 minutes, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, or 30 minutes.
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Multi-step Linear fountain fill, 135 direction, 0.03" offset
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Profiles: Not Just for Users Anymore
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CTX1: Standby CTX2: Active
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padding, padding-bottom, padding-left, padding-top padding-top padding-top sets the width of the padding on the top of an element.
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Creating a Symbol Library
1. Degree of redundancy. 2. Live load member stress: The range of live load stress in fracture critical members in uences the formation of cracks. Fatigue is more likely when the live load stress range is a large portion of the total stress on the member. 3. Fracture toughness: The fracture toughness is a measure of the material s resistance to crack extension and can be de ned as the ability to carry load and to absorb energy in the presence of a crack. FCM s designed since 1978 by AASHTO standards are made of steel meeting minimum toughness requirements. On older bridges, coupon tests may be used to provide this information. If testing is not feasible, the age of the structure can be used to estimate the steel type which will indicate a general level of steel toughness. Welding, overheating, overstress, or member distortion resulting from collision may adversely affect the toughness of the steel. FCM s that are known or suspected to have been damaged should receive a high priority during the inspection, and more sophisticated testing may be warranted. A bridge that receives proper maintenance normally requires less time to inspect. Those with FCM s in poor condition should be inspected at more frequent intervals than those in good condition. 4. Fatigue prone design details: Certain design details have been more susceptible to fatigue cracking. The thoroughness of a fracture critical member inspection should be in the order of their susceptibility to fatigue crack propagation.
a leading biometrics authority, conducted facial-recognition algorithm tests FacE REcognition Technology (FERET) (Phillips, Rauss, and Der 1996) under the auspices of the Army Research Laboratory (ARL). The FERET tests are significant and are also mentioned later in this section. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has supported testing by publishing tools, methods, and results. NIST has also helped reduce entry costs by compiling, maintaining, and distributing data sets to include faces, fingerprints, and voice utterances. (For more information, go to University research and test programs have made major intellectual contributions to biometric testing. Notably the National Biometric Test Center was established in 1994 at San Jose State University. Under the direction of Dr. James Wayman, the center has been active in testing and exploring biometric systems and sciences. In 2000, the University of Bologna, Italy, in conjunction with San Jose State University and Michigan State University, conducted Fingerprint Verification Tests (FVT). (For more information, go to The University of Bologna has also developed a Synthetic Fingerprint Generator (SfinGe) that can be used to rapidly create large databases of fingerprint images. Large biometric data sets are costly and time-consuming to collect, and for testing purposes, privacy concerns can also be an issue. (For more information, go to A synthetic generator that can produce 10,000 realistic fingerprints in about ten hours is noteworthy. Collecting that number of prints from volunteers is a much longer and more costly undertaking. Synthetic generators for faces exist for nonbiometrics applications but, as yet, have not been applied to biometric testing. Existing synthetic generators for face and voice could play an increased role in biometric testing. Generators can support isolated, parametrically driven feature testing and help substantiate statistical models for large data sets. Synthetic generators for irises and other biometrics could be developed and could likely find niches in future testing.
Examples: Sqrt(4)=2 Sqrt(25)=5 Sqrt(15)=3.87
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Cisco ASA Configuration
The failover link is used to replicate appliance commands and to share information about the status of failover between the failover pair. This link must be a dedicated connection between the two appliances, where no user traffic is allowed. There are two kinds of failover links: Serial LAN-based failover (LBF)
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