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also allows space between the head groups for water molecules and counterions, both of which act to reduce the repulsive force. The water molecules do so by aligning their dipole moment opposite the electric field (as was explained in Chap. 6). If cations such as calcium, magnesium, or sodium are present, they associate as counterions with the negative charge on the phosphate. This effectively neutralizes the negative charge. Neutralizing the negative charges eliminates the need for energy (enthalpy) to overcome the repulsive force, so the Gibbs energy of micelle formation becomes even more negative, making it easier to form micelles. The critical micelle concentration is the concentration of lipid necessary for all of these forces combined to produce a negative Gibbs energy of micelle formation. At that point formation of micelles is highly cooperative, proceeding in an almost all-or-none fashion. The fact that counterions act to eliminate the repulsive force between head groups means that fewer lipid molecules are required to provide the energy (from dispersion forces and the hydrophobic effect) needed to achieve micelle formation. Fewer lipid molecules required means the critical micelle concentration is lower. This explains why, as the concentration of positive ions increases, the CMC decreases.
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Conferencing Manager
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This appendix covers the most commonly used C-based I/O functions. However, the C standard library contains a very rich and diverse assortment of I/O functions more than can be covered here. If you will be doing extensive work in C, you will want to explore its I/O system in detail. The C-based I/O system requires either the header file stdio.h or the new-style header <cstdio>. A C program must use the stdio.h since C does not support C++-style headers. A C++ program uses either one. The header <cstdio> puts its contents into the std namespace. The header file stdio.h puts its contents into the global namespace, which is in keeping with C. The examples in this appendix are C programs, so they use the C-style header stdio.h, and no namespace statement is required. One other point: As explained in 1, the C language standard was updated in 1999, resulting in the C99 standard for C. At that time, a few enhancements were made to the C I/O system. However, because C++ is built on C89, it does not support any features added by C99. (Furthermore, at the time of this writing, no widely available compiler supports C99, nor is there any widely distributed code that uses the C99 features.) Thus, none of the features added to the C I/O system by C99 are described here. If you are interested in the C language, including a complete description of its I/O system and those features added by the C99 standard, I recommend my book C: The Complete Reference, 4th edition, McGraw-Hill/Osborne.
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CD-ROM Pit Spacing
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Removes the last element in the list. Removes the first element in the list. Adds an element with the value specified by val to the end of the list. Adds an element with the value specified by val to the front of the list. Removes elements with the value val from the list. Reverses the invoking list. Returns the number of elements currently in the list. Sorts the list. The second form sorts the list using the comparison function cmpfn to determine when one element is less than another. The contents of ob are inserted into the invoking list at the location pointed to by i. After the operation, ob is empty. The element pointed to by el is removed from the list ob and stored in the invoking list at the location pointed to by i.
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Digital Photography QuickSteps Shooting Like a PC PC QuickSteps Getting to Know Your Pro
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Bad or Inconsistent Backups
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RG-6 coaxial cable Four-conductor, 14-gauge speaker wire Low-voltage gang boxes Wall-mounted banana jacks Banana connectors Wall-mounted RCA jacks RCA audio cable Rotozip tool Various screwdrivers Mounting screws
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tal leased lines that are permanent connections between the customer s premises and the core network, bypassing the telephone switch. Leased-line access is economical for business customers with large volumes of telecommunications traffic.
Figure 21.2 Media fields. The fields surrounding the UTP cable extend out past the physical boundaries of the wire. These fields will impinge upon adjacent cable pairs, causing interference and noise; likewise, fields in adjacent pairs will cause interference and noise in this pair. Coaxial cable is self-shielding; the fields are fully contained within the outer shield. UTP is used where economic factors and /or the need for a balanced mode outweigh the advantages of coax.
Ground-rod clamp
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