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available for the zener diode, such as 20, 10, 5, and 1 percent. Also, in some critical circuits, it must be considered that a zener s voltage ratings change with temperature. More temperature stable zeners are available, such as voltage reference diodes and temperature-compensated zener diodes. The following are a few of the more important zener diode specifications: IZM , the maximum zener current before the diode is destroyed VZ , the reverse voltage across the zener, which changes very little with an increase in current
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Cascading Style Sheets 2.0 Programmer's Reference standard for cursor resources in CSS, this feature is functionally disabled in all browsers known at the time of this writing. auto The user agent determines the cursor appearance for a given context. crosshair A crosshair symbol not unlike the plus sign (+). default The user-agent or platform-dependent default cursor. Usually an arrow, but may be something else due to the operating system, user-installed software, or other factors. pointer The cursor which is used to indicate that a link is being hovered. On most systems, this is a small hand with a pointing finger. move The cursor gives the appearance that the element can be moved. On many systems, this is a pair of two-way arrows in a cross formation, not unlike taking the crosshair cursor and adding arrowheads to the four points. e-resize The cursor gives the appearance of allowing size to be increased to the right. This is usually an arrow pointing to the right. ne-resize The cursor gives the appearance of allowing size to be increased both to the right and upward. This is usually an arrow pointing in the direction of the top right corner of the display. nw-resize The cursor gives the appearance of allowing size to be increased both to the left and upward. This is usually an arrow pointing in the direction of the top left corner of the display. n-resize The cursor gives the appearance of allowing size to be increased upward. This is usually an arrow pointing to the top of the display. se-resize The cursor gives the appearance of allowing size to be increased both downward and to the right. This is usually an arrow pointing in the direction of the bottom right corner of the display. sw-resize The cursor gives the appearance of allowing size to be increased both downward and to the right. This is usually an arrow pointing in the direction of the bottom left corner of the display. s-resize The cursor gives the appearance of allowing size to be increased downward. This is usually an arrow pointing to the bottom of the display. w-resize The cursor gives the appearance of allowing size to be increased to the left. This is usually an arrow pointing to the left. text The cursor gives the appearance of allowing a text selection, as with drag-selection of text to be copied. This is usually an I-bar, so named for its resemblance to a capital I. wait The cursor gives the appearance that the program is busy and that the user should wait. This is typically an hourglass or watch icon. help
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similar format to that used in protocol analysis. By simply pointing and clicking on selected lines, the call can be decoded through message sequence, message decode, right down to field decode.
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Frequency Response
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Exception Handling
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Dest. Port
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Background Choose a uniform color for all the cells from this drop-down list. You can also accomplish the same thing by choosing a color from the Color Palette. Edit Fill If you ve given the table a background fill, you can go directly to the Edit Fill dialog by clicking on this icon. By default, tables are filled with a Uniform fill. If you want your table to have any other fill type, such as Fountain or Pattern fill, you must first select the table and then change the fill type from the Object Properties docker (ALT+ENTER). Border Border refers to the outline of each cell and the table as a whole. You can show or hide the interior cell outlines and/or combinations of the top, bottom, left, and right sides of the table. Outline width and outline color These options control the width and color assigned to the borders you have set. For more advanced control, click the Outline Pen Dialog icon to open that dialog. Options The options that can be set here are Automatically Resize Cells When Typing and Separated Cell Borders. The first is useful when the amount of content you need to enter in each cell is not uniform. Enabling this prevents your content from overflowing and moving out of view. The second option lets you space out your cells horizontally and vertically so that each cell is still contained in the table but is not in immediate proximity to the adjacent cell. Text Wrap This important option determines how Paragraph Text flows around the table and how close the Paragraph Text box can get to the table this option has nothing to do with the text content of the table. Tables are objects; text can be made to flow around them or over them or under them. Artistic Text is not affected by the Text Wrap setting. To Front Of Layer and To Back Of Layer These icons become available if another object is layered on top of or below the table. Clicking these icons changes the position of the table in the stacking order.
A centrifuge is a machine used to spin a sample of material around in circles. The circular motion places a force on the sample. The force is similar to, but typically much larger than, the normal force of gravity. An ultracentrifuge is a centrifuge specially designed to spin at an extremely high rate of speed. Some ultracentrifuges can exert forces as much as 1 million times that of gravity. Why do we do this Centrifuges operate on the principle of sedimentation. Sedimentation describes the motion of particles in a fluid under the application of a force. Take for example a snow globe; you know, those glass or clear plastic containers filled with water and some sparkly snowlike particles. Typically the globe also contains some kind of winter scene. You shake up the particles inside and then put the snow globe down. The force of gravity causes the particles to slowly descend in the water, making it appear as though it is snowing inside the globe. This is sedimentation. In fact, real snow showers result from sedimentation of snowflakes in the atmosphere. The physics of sedimentation shows that the sedimentation rate of a particle or molecule depends on several things, including the force, the density of the fluid, and the size and density (or concentration) of the particles in the fluid. Applying a force stronger than gravity can increase the sedimentation rate. It can also magnify differences in sedimentation behavior between different molecules. This makes ultracentrifugation a convenient technique for separating molecules of different sizes. Ultracentrifugation is used as both a preparative and an analytical technique. For example, the ultracentrifuge is commonly used to isolate samples of pure DNA.
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Part III:
Terminal Terminal
Repeat count
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The program begins by creating a class called ChrPair that will hold the results of the query. It then creates two character arrays, called chrs and chrs2. It uses the following query to produce all possible combinations of the two sequences:
64-octets of data Block containing all data
= lim
TCP/IP s transport layer uses port numbers and IP addresses to multiplex sessions between multiple hosts. If you look back at Tables 9-1 and 9-2, you ll see that both the TCP and UDP headers have two port fields: a source port and a destination port. These, as well as the source and destination IP addresses in the IP header, are used to identify each session uniquely between two or more hosts. As you can see from the port number field, the port numbers are 16 bits in length, allowing for port numbers from 0 to 65,535 (a total of 65,536 ports). Port numbers fall under three types:
Solving these equations and eliminating mcN1W and mN2W, whose differences are negligible, gives F= N2 = N1 = BL B + 2lm - mmc (2 A + B) (6.18)
the chapter), but the outline width is a little on the meek side. Press the SPACEBAR to switch to the Pick Tool, and then on the Property Bar you can see on the right side there s a Pen icon and a width drop-down box; this is the outline width control for single objects on the page. You won t see this box when two or more objects are selected, but today you re in luck: choose 3 (points) from the drop-down selector to add heft to your illustration. Pressing the SPACEBAR toggles your current tool to the Pick Tool; a second press of the SPACEBAR toggles you back to the last tool you were using.
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