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virtual appliance A minimalist virtual machine image designed to run a virtualization
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Double Object Pronouns More than one pronoun may be used in a sentence at a time. In Spanish, unlike in English, the indirect object pronoun (usually a person) precedes the direct object pronoun (usually a thing):
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// Reverse an array. using System; class ReverseDemo { static void Main() { int[] nums = { 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 }; // Display original order. Console.Write("Original order: ");
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Close Your Communications Well
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TCP/IP Protocol Stack
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Table 3-1 G.723.1 frame size and codec version
C++ from the Ground Up
ITU-T variant of MTP for communication within the international network. For communication between an SG and a call agent/MGC, the messages being exchanged must be placed in the context of the correct network appearance so that the appropriate link set can be used on the non-IP side of the SG. Signaling Network Architecture In order to ensure carrier-grade service, we must ensure that no single point of failure exists on the network between the SG and ASP. Consequently, SGs should be set up at least in pairs in a manner similar to the arrangement of STPs in the SS7 network. Furthermore, ASPs should be set up in a redundant or load-sharing configuration, spread out over different physical platforms (hosts). Such a robust configuration is shown in Figure 7-28. Note that the requirements for such a robust configuration are not something unique to the usage of M3UA; they apply to any system that needs to be fault tolerant (a requirement for carrier-grade operation). Each ASP needs to be associated with a point code. The allocation of point codes to ASPs is completely flexible, however. For example, all ASPs connected to a given SG could share the same point code as the SG. In such a case, the combination of SG and ASPs appears to the SS7 network as a single signaling endpoint. Alternatively, all ASPs connected to a given SG could share the same point code, but a different point code from the SG. In such a case, the SG would appear to the SS7 network as an STP and the
Some digital cameras don t produce a very sharp image. You can sharpen images in Photoshop Elements using several different commands. However, the best choice for sharpening an image is the Adjust Sharpness command, which
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7. Substructure: Integral abutments with fewer piles have been successfully used in New Jersey. They can be constructed more quickly than conventional bridges. An example of an integral abutment bridge using prestressed concrete box beams on Route 46 over Peckman s River was designed by Khan. Currently, a design is in progress for lesser used semi-integral abutments for such bridges on Nottingham Way over Assunpink Creek in Mercer County and Garden State Parkway Bridges over Jakes Branch. Lighter piers or precast concrete pile bents save costs and time as used on Albany Street Bascule Bridge carrying Route 40 & 322 into Atlantic City. Precast post tensioned pier caps were recently used on the Route 9 over the Raritan River and by Khan on Interchange of U.S. Route 322 and NJ Route 50. Drilled shaft foundations and concrete cylinder piles of 36 to 66 in diameter are in use. Precast sheeting has been used for retaining walls and abutments. MSE abutments have performed extremely well. The NJDOT has used RFP material for fender systems for two bridges along the Jersey coast, Route 9 over Nacote Creek, and Route 9 over Bass River. It is environmentally friendly and eliminates marine borers. 8. Scour countermeasures: Minimal marine life disruption and quick construction are achieved by using gabion baskets, articulated concrete, or cable tied blocks in lieu of traditional sheet piles. Khan prepared a Handbook for Scour Countermeasures for the NJDOT jointly with CUNY, which was approved by FHWA (7) and in addition helped develop Sections 45 and 46 of the NJDOT Bridge Design Manual.
3. Connect the control panel to the newly installed phone jack.
Turn back to the four personality types on page 7 and think about which one most likely describes Mr. Smith. Review Table 1.1 to get some words and phrases in your mind, then answer the questions below. After you ve completed the exercise, read the comments that follow. 1. Write a one-sentence statement of your objective. Think action: What do you want Mr. Smith to do as a result of reading your letter 2. What job is your favorite boss applying for 3. What s Mr. Smith s personality type likely to be 4. List a few qualities that make your boss stand out as a successful supervisor. (Note these are features.) For example, perhaps your boss has great technical knowledge, or perhaps she is able to give directions clearly. 5. For each quality (i.e., feature) use Table 1.1 to help you select a word or two to convert it into a bene t likely to appeal to Mr. Smith, based on his personality. For example, if your boss has great technical knowledge and you determine that Mr. Smith is a Producer, you might convert the feature great technical knowledge into a bene t by expressing it as Bottom line she knows her stuff. If you determine that Mr. Smith is an Accommodator, however, you might express great technical knowledge as reliable and solid technical know-how. For gives directions clearly, if you determine that Mr. Smith is an Optimist, you might express it as she expresses herself well and is easy to understand. If you think that Mr. Smith is a Data Collector, you might translate gives directions clearly to provides comprehensive, step-bystep instructions.
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