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Method public virtual bool Equals(object ob) public static bool Equals(object ob1, object ob2) protected virtual Finalize( )
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A test plan organizes a set of control objectives and controls within a spreadsheet. The test plan is designed to assist auditors in performing complete testing and tracking their progress, and will contain many fields that will be populated later during the course of testing. In order to prepare for testing, certain fields will need to be populated before an auditor is ready to start testing. Fields required to be populated include: Control number and name Control description Control objective supported Method of testing Test description Control owner Auditor resource assigned to test the control
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C# 3.0: A Beginner s Guide
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construction techniques or at least making haste slowly while you learn them and is, again, not for everyone.
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Aside from initialization, no const variable can be modified by your program. The modifier volatile is used to tell the compiler that a variable s value can be changed in ways not explicitly specified by the program. For example, a global variable s address can be passed to the clock routine of the operating system and used to hold the time of the system. In this situation, the contents of the variable are altered without any explicit assignment statements in the program. This is important because C automatically optimizes certain expressions by making the assumption that the content of a variable is unchanging inside that expression. Also, some optimizations may change the order of evaluation of an expression during the compilation process. The volatile modifier prevents these changes from occurring. It is possible to use const and volatile together. For example, if 0x30 is assumed to be the address of a port that is changed by external conditions only, then the following declaration is precisely what you would want to prevent any possibility of accidental side effects:
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moment you re all set to do a little manual editing. With the Shape Tool, it s probably a good idea to sharpen some of the corners of the yellow text; the vector curves are a little soft in areas where it was hard for PowerTRACE to discern between the background fill and the text. For example, the A in GRAPHIC is missing a node at top left; you first ungroup (CTRL+U) the bluish-purple outline subgroup.
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Terminal Gatekeeper
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Case Studies
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by the size of your memory card. Other cameras have a maximum of three minutes per recorded movie. Some cameras have built-in microphones that enable you to create a movie with sound.
Cell Payload 48 Octets
Figure 6-2
Using Process Explorer to View Relocated DLLs
Camera Features
The following sections cover each of these commands in detail.
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