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Server Configuration Design and Recommendations
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I have heard the term expression tree used in the context of lambda expressions. What is this An expression tree is a representation of a lambda expression as data. Thus, an expression tree, itself, cannot be executed. It can, however, be converted into an executable form. Expression trees are encapsulated by the System.Linq.Expressions.Expression<T> class. Expression trees are useful in situations in which a query will be executed by something outside the program, such as a database that uses SQL. By representing the query as data, the query can be converted into a format understood by the database. This process is used by the LINQ-to-SQL feature provided by Visual C#, for example. Thus, expression trees help C# support a variety of data sources. You can obtain an executable form of an expression tree by calling the Compile( ) method defined by Expression. It returns a reference that can be assigned to a delegate and then executed. Expression trees have one key restriction: Only expression lambdas can be represented by expression trees. They cannot be used to represent statement lambdas. Although we won t be making explicit use of expression trees in this chapter, they are something that you may find quite interesting.
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FIGURE 24-6 User-de ned objects are processed on the database server.
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If all tables are not listed, delete the replication setup and begin again. The dtproperties table appears if you used the Database Diagram Wizard in Enterprise Manager. If you are installing Presentation Server for the first time, select the server hosting the replicated database when prompted. If you have a server in the server farm that you want to connect to the new database, create a new DSN file on the Presentation Server and point it to the replicated SQL Server database. You can then use the dsmaint config command to point the IMA Service to the new database.
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Citrix Presentation Server 4.0, Enterprise Edition x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
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Physiological and Anatomical Biophysics
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6.5.4 Compound Interest
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Shoot with a shutter speed of 1/125 of a second, and pan as the car races towards a hairpin curve to capture images like the one shown below.
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2. Drip loops near the connector force water running along the conductor to drop off before reaching the conductor. The loops cannot prevent incursion of water falling directly on the connector, but they minimize guttering. A single drip loop at the base of a vertical run diverts water running down the mast. 3. Adhesive-lined, heat-shrink tubing seals the connector to the cable, preventing water leaks. The heated tubing shrinks (up to 85%), and the adhesive ows, sealing the connection.
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Managing Resources
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Manageability Circuit bonding provides a complete transmission layer management system. This allows carrier-grade fault isolation and performance monitoring of a circuit bonded link, effectively extending carrier-class networking off-net to the Ethernet customer. Figure 10.9 shows circuit bonding being used to extend Ethernet to an off-net customer. Transparency is maintained. And carrier class end-to-end transmission layer management is available.
A Closer Look at Methods and Classes
Sixes are highly skeptical of those who act as if complex problems have simple solutions, and they challenge ideas and people when they feel concerned. For example, Sixes ask What if questions when they believe a solution has been reached without a full consideration of the risks and potential obstacles involved. Similarly, Sixes will publicly and privately challenge leaders whom they believe are using their authority unjustly or unfairly, often perceiving leaders as either good or bad, with few variations in between.
Sometimes it is useful to reverse the contents of an array. For example, you might want to change an array that has been sorted into ascending order into one sorted in descending order. Reversing an array is easy: Simply call Reverse( ). Using Reverse( ), you can reverse all or part of an array. The following program demonstrates the process:
It s not that they don t know the strategic implications themselves; my report merely provides a shortcut for them. Note that it s also a way for Jed to appropriately signal that he, too, understands the strategic implications of his analysis. Not only does adding speci city increase reader interest and enhance credibility, it boosts the writer s reputation as an expert.
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