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As you can see, the % yields a remainder of 1 for both integer and floating-point operations.
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E X A M P L E 4.41 (Oracle)
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Fiber Optic Network Elements 484 Basic Telecommunications Technologies
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Changing and Proofing Formatted Text
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The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)
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Example 4.37 demonstrates w h y it is sometimes necessary to group on multiple columns. After studying Example 4.37, y o u might be confused about the necessity to group on both OfferNo and CourseNo. One simple explanation is that any columns appearing in SELECT must be either a grouping column or an aggregrate expression. However, this explanation does not quite tell the entire story. Grouping o n OfferNo alone produces the same values for the computed column (NumStudents) because OfferNo is the primary key. Including nonunique columns such as CourseNo adds information to each result row but does not change the aggregate calculations. If you do not understand this point, use sample tables to demonstrate it. W h e n evaluating your sample tables, remember that joins occur before grouping as indicated in the conceptual evaluation process. generate data matrix code
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Direct-acting overhead cam (OHC).
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7.12 Spectrum Analyzers
mt1 = new MyThread("Event Thread 2", evtObj); // Wait for signaled event. evtObj.WaitOne(); Console.WriteLine("Main thread received second event."); } }
System Checkout on Blocks
sum() appears around each individual table column
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