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EXAMPLE 13-2 What is the Laplace transform of f (t) = eat
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The initial purpose of the Internet was to exchange data and make research papers available to the entire academic community. Universities would therefore have open hosts connected to the Internet. This meant that anyone could essentially log onto the host as an anonymous user, search through the directories on the host server, and download whatever files were wanted. It s interesting to compare this free and easy access with today s world of networks protected by firewalls. Actually, it wasn t that free and easy because in the UNIX operating system, files and directories have permissions as to who can read and write to them. The mechanism for doing this is a utility called File Transfer Protocol (FTP). In order to FTP, your system (host) had to have the FTP client and the target system had to have the FTP server ready and willing to process your request. If one is familiar with UNIX and the directory structure of the target host, this isn t too difficult. For the average technopeasant, however, it is beyond grasp. Surfing or browsing, as we know it today, was not easy. Only the patient, persistent, and knowledgable browsers were able to find what they were looking for. The Internet is not a Bulletin Board Service (BBS). A BBS is essentially a host into which anybody can dial and collect and receive information or messages. These services abounded in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The Internet is not a timesharing service either, although some hosts provide that service. Timesharing became popular in the 1970s when computers were too expensive to own for smaller companies so they would do remote computing, using dumb computers using services such as Tymnet and CompuServe Information Service (CIS). CIS grew into an information resource provider and created agreements with Telenet and Tymnet to provide worldwide access while they developed their own worldwide network. The original CIS access was via dumb ASCII terminal at low data rates. They had a character-oriented information interface that was no friendlier than the Internet. Given the period, it offered a powerful service. In the early 1990s, AOL saw the benefits of the Internet and began to offer an information service via a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that was very easy to use. Although AOL was a proprietary network, it rapidly added various information services in addition to the ever-present e-mail. It is likely that its phenomenal growth is due in significant part to its ease of setup and use. Several information services came and went. We like to maintain that AOL and CIS are not Internet service providers because their primary business is providing interactive information services. All their computers are in one room. Rather than being connected to a network of computers, you are connected (for all practical purposes) to one huge computer that offers many different services. By comparison, the Internet consists of millions of computers connected to millions of networks, each accessible from any other network. It is not obvious to the casual observer that there is much difference today because the browser interface cleverly hides the complexities of connecting to multiple different computers and both systems seemingly have endless amounts of information available. Today, both AOL and CIS permit seamless movement between their own information services and those available on the Internet. Selecting a link to information on the Internet causes the automatic launching of a browser.
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Analysts are a special breed of knowledge worker who often work directly with business decision makers. Analysts, whether they re business analysts, financial analysts, or some other kind of analyst, often spend time performing very detailed analysis of data. They may delve deeply into vast quantities of information looking for root causes to problems or trying to uncover trends in the data that are not already obvious.
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Key Development Motivators for Eights To know the truth from the widest perspective possible To understand others psychologically To feel less guilty for their own behavior and less responsible for other people To feel strong even when feeling vulnerable or weak To manage their abundant energy without imploding or exploding
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When declaring pointer and reference variables, some C++ programmers use a unique coding style that associates the * or the & with the type name and not the variable. For example, here are two functionally equivalent declarations.
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The Existing Telephone Company Infrastructure Overview The Central Office Connection Methods The Original Cable TV Infrastructure Overview Headend The Cable TV Distribution System
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Electron configuration
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public virtual Stream GetRequestStream( ) public virtual WebResponse GetResponse( )
Build Your Own Elec tric Vehicle
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Figure 3.10 Presentation images of the The Carlyle project modeled in Constructor, rendered in NavisWorks. (Images courtesy of Swinerton Builders.)
Because databases are pervasive, there are a variety of ways in which you may interact with databases. The classification in Figure 1.14 distinguishes between functional users who interact with databases as part of their work and information systems professionals who
This book will lead you through the development process for a projection model. It is laid out in a step-by-step format in which each chapter describes a step. Each chapter covers a specific phase of building a model. This is a hands-on book. You will get the most out of this book if you perform the steps outlined in each chapter on your computer screen. By the end of the book,
Table E-3. Maximum Number of Sessions That Can Be Connected Before Running Out of All Kernel
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