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You can use a pointer on the left side of an assignment statement to assign a value to the location pointed to by the pointer. Assuming that p is an integer pointer, this assigns the value 101 to the location pointed to by p:
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Router# show interfaces serial 0 Serial 0 is up, line protocol is up Hardware is MCI Serial Internet address is, subnet mask is MTU 1500 bytes, BW 256 Kbit, DLY 20000 usec, rely 255/255, load 1/255 Encapsulation FRAME-RELAY, loopback not set, keepalive set LMI DLCI 0, LMI sent 1107, LMI stat recvd 1107 LMI type is ANSI Annex D . . .
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in normal day-to-day operations. When those processes and procedures have been completed, then the disaster recovery plans and procedures (those actions that will take place during and immediately after a disaster) can be developed. For example, an organization has established RPO and RTO targets for its critical applications. These targets necessitated the development of server clusters and storage area networks with replication. While implementing those new technologies, the organization developed the operations processes and procedures in support of those new technologies that would be carried out every day during normal business operations. As a separate activity, the organization would then develop the procedures to be performed when a disaster strikes the primary operations center for those applications; those procedures would include all of the steps that must be taken so that the applications can continue operating in a warm site or hot site location. The procedures for operating critical applications during a disaster are a small part of the entire body of procedures that must be developed. Several other sets of procedures must also be developed, including Evacuation procedures Disaster declaration procedures Responsibilities Contact information Recovery procedures Continuing operations All of these are required so that an organization will be adequately prepared in the event a disaster occurs.
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C++ from the Ground Up
Value Syntax left | right | none | inherit Initial Value none Percentages n/a Inherited no Applies to all but positioned elements and generated content Media Groups visual E0/0
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A local variable will not hold its value between activations.
float **newbalance;
MaxDataBufferSize = 2048 Description This setting defines the size of the Data Buffer. It also defines how many bytes of sound data can be sent to the client from the server. Maximum Limit 2048 bytes. Out of 2048 bytes, 10 bytes is reserved for the sound packet header, while the remainder is the actual sound that gets played on the client. Minimum Limit 1000 bytes. The best practice is to set it to 2048 bytes for the best sound performance on the client.
There is not a direct correlation between the ATM protocol stack and the OSI Reference Model, but the lower three layers of the OSI model have functions similar to the ATM protocol model. The Physical layer in each model performs the same function of transmitting bits over a physical link and includes functions such as timing, signal levels, etc. The Data Link layer in the OSI model describes the exchange of protocol data units (PDUs) and performs an error-detection function. The Network layer describes the delivery of reliable, in-sequence PDUs, or packets, and might perform data segmentation and reassembly. In the ATM protocol model, the segmentation and reassembly of data and error detection are performed at the AAL layer. 12.3 Functions of an Analyzer ATM analyzers are used to verify the transport integrity of a network and to troubleshoot problems once they arise. In similar fashion to traditional BERT testers, which are used to check bit error ratios at the Physical layer (SONET/SDH or PDH), ATM analyzers can run a BERT at the ATM layer and monitor bit errors in the cell payload. In addition, ATM analyzers are used to inject cell traffic into the network to make sure that services are provisioned correctly for customers prior to turn-up. ATM testers have the ability to transmit profiles of cell streams in order to emulate customer traffic. ATM analyzers are used to characterize an ATM network for parameters such as cell transfer delay and cell loss (see section 12.8). These QoS tests are used to monitor ATM network performance to determine whether they exceed thresholds established by carriers for internal operations or in contracts with customers. 12.4 Test Equipment Overview During the various phases of a technology lifecycle, the type of test equipment purchased changes. When a new technology such as ATM is introduced, test equipment for R&D typically is used widely, because standard equipment might not be available yet, and because people unfamiliar with ATM want to have the most features to help ensure that a robust ATM product is designed. During the growth phase, more intermediate test equipment is purchased at moderate prices. During the maturity phase, simple testers for large-scale field deployment are purchased. A handheld for field use usually will contain the following features:
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