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ful to avoid euphemisms and long words. In other words, my writing got better by my learning the correct level of proo ng. Level One proo ng usually includes the following: 1. Can your readers easily understand what you re asking them to do 2. If 100 percent of your readers aren t familiar with your technical terms and industry jargon, have you de ned them 3. If 100 percent of your readers aren t familiar with your acronyms, have you explained them 4. Have you con rmed that all numbers included in your communication are correct 5. Have you avoided long or complicated sentences and sentence fragments (explained in Five) 6. Are you certain that you ve maintained noun/pronoun and subject/verb agreement (explained in Seven) 7. Is your punctuation correct 8. Are words capitalized properly 9. Have you used your spell checker 10. Have you reread your communication to catch missing words or phrases
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3. Calculate the values for the LC resonator and other components by: L C3 1 300 f 190 2 f CC C1 1 48 f C2 Rf 1 48 f 2500 (0.025/IC)
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12.13.2 Notable Failures due to Lack of Seismic Design Criteria
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Displacement, y Velocity, y'
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inverse---even in situations like Example 1.42. We change the domain of the function. This idea is illustrated in the next example. EXAMPLE
A Closer Look at Methods and Classes
Citrix XenApp Platinum Edition for Windows: The Official Guide
Thus the area contribution of this cylindrical increment of our surface is about 2 f (xj ) 1 + [f (xj )]2 xj .
public override string ToString( ) public string ToString(IFormatProvider provider) public static bool TryParse(string value, out bool result)
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