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S-VLAN ID (S-VID) 12 bits
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<add key="MutualTrustList" value="serverB"/>
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Figure 3-2 Yagi pattern
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Maintenance is an ongoing task for the network operator. There are essentially three ways in which a network operator identifies problems in the network: customer complaints, periodic maintenance, and alarms generated by the network management system. The customer care department within a wireless operation seeks to gather the customer complaints and feed them to the engineering departments, in order to identify any faults in the network. Regular preventive maintenance is carried out on the network to catch any faults that the customer and the network monitoring system have not seen. Due to the increasing reliance on network monitoring systems, however, regular proactive maintenance is on the decline. A major effort has been put forth to increase the usefulness of network management systems because they are seen as a way of noticing network faults before the customer does, and as a means of reducing the costly regular maintenance programs. One type of network management system, which is provided by equipment vendors, is the Operations and Maintenance Center (OMC). OMCs are provided to monitor the
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PC-B 0000.1111.CCCC Switch-A 1 3 2
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In addition to your target users (either primary or secondary), you need to be aware of gatekeepers, influencers, and deciders (Figure 3-1). These people may or may not be eventual BusinessObjects XI users, but they do affect project funding and your implementation efforts. For each type of stakeholder, I have provided an archetype. The individual job titles and dynamics will vary company to company. The important thing is to recognize that it is more than just the users that affect the success of your implementation and whose needs you must consider.
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Fig. 2.16 Uncovering a Defective Switch
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Data Transfer Rates
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The output is shown here:
This constructs a RemarkAttribute that contains the comment, This class uses an attribute. This attribute is then associated with UseAttrib.
Figure 29-6: The IP header The important fields for our current discussion include: 1. The Version field theoretically allows multiple versions of the protocol to exist in the network, thus permitting seamless upgrading of the protocol. IHL is the Internet Header Length , and is the length in bytes of the header. 2. TOS is Type of Service and was intended to permit priority handling of packets. It is generally not implemented, although some vendors provide proprietary implementations. 3. Total Length is the total length in bytes of the Datagram. 4. The next 32 bits including the identifier, flags, and fragment offset are rarely used. 5. TTL is the Time to Live indicator, and is essentially a hop counter. The originator sets it to a value a little larger than the maximum number of hops that it should take to get the packet to the destination. If the network can t deliver it in that many hops, then it is considered to be undeliverable and discarded. This prevents undeliverable packets from bouncing around the network forever. 6. Protocol is a pointer to the layer above network that is using the IP packet. According to OSI purity laws, that should be the transport layer. The designers of IP built in more flexibility so that other layers could use the packets. 7. Header Checksum is a simple checksum on just the header of the Datagram. This is not a Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) of the sort used by link layer to really protect the data. 8. Source and destination addresses are each 32-bits long. The format and use of the addresses is discussed in detail in the addressing section.
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