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Cycloidal curve Modified sine curve Simple harmonic curve
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TABLE 4-4 Emphasize Bene ts, Not Features
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menu state The condition of a player when a menu is presented. Meridian lossless packing (MLP) A lossless compression technique (used by Blu-ray and DVDAudio) that removes redundancy from PCM audio signals to achieve a compression ratio of about 2:1 while allowing the signal to be perfectly recreated by the MLP decoder. MLP was incorporated into Dolby TrueHD. metadata As a general term, metadata means information about data. For BD, metadata specifically refers to information about discs, titles, and libraries of discs, using Dublin Core elements such as name, subject, creator, publisher, year, actor, and so on. Metadata is used for the search feature that can be built into BD players. MHP Multimedia home platform. Also DVB-MHP. A software ( middleware ) layer developed by the DVB Project for set-top boxes and televisions to receive and execute interactive, Java-based applications. BD-J is based on the GEM subset of MHP (see GEM). Version 1.0.3 is standardized as ETSI TS 101 812 V1.3.1 (2003-06). MHz One million (106) Hz. or micro- An SI prefix for denominations of 1 millionth (10-6). Microsoft Windows The leading operating system for Intel CPU-based computers. Developed by Microsoft. middle area Unused physical area that marks the transition from layer 0 to layer 1. Middle Area only exists in dual layer discs where the tracks of each layer are in opposite directions. miniBD Usually refers to an 8-cm (3-inch) Blu-ray disc. miniDVD Usually refers to an 8-cm (3-inch) DVD. Sometimes refers to a cDVD. mixed mode A type of CD containing both Red Book audio and Yellow Book computer data tracks. MKB See Media Key Block. MLP See Meridian Lossless Packing. MMC 1) Multimedia commands. A command set used by computers ( hosts ) to read and write data on CD, DVD, and BD drives. Standardized by ANSI INCITS. See SFF 8090. 2) Mandatory Managed Copy. See managed copy. MO Magneto-optical rewritable discs. modulation Replacing patterns of bits with different (usually larger) patterns designed to control the characteristics of the data signal. BD uses 17PP modulation, where each set of 2 bits is replaced by a 3bit code before being written onto the disc. DVD uses 8/16 modulation, where each set of 8 bits is replaced by a 16-bit code. mosquitoes A term referring to the fuzzy dots that can appear around sharp edges (high spatial frequencies) after video compression. Also known as the Gibbs Effect. mother The metal disc produced from mirror images of the father disc in the replication process. Mothers are used to make stampers, often called sons. motion compensation In video decoding, the application of motion vectors to already-decoded blocks to construct a new picture. motion estimation In video encoding, the process of analyzing previous or future frames to identify blocks that have not changed or have only changed location. Motion vectors are then stored in place of the blocks. This is very computation-intensive and can cause visual artifacts when subject to errors. motion vector A two-dimensional spatial displacement vector used for MPEG motion compensation to provide an offset from the encoded position of a block in a reference (I or P) picture to the predicted position (in a P or B picture). Movie Object An HDMV application and associated playback and user operation information corresponding to an HDMV Title.
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An unconditional source breakpoint always stops execution each time it is encountered. There are several ways to add this type of breakpoint. Position your cursor at the line where you want to place the breakpoint. Then, you may do any of the following: I Press F5. I Select the Toggle breakpoint option in the Debug menu of the edit window s SpeedMenu. I Click the left margin of the edit window at the line where you want to add a breakpoint. The line of code at which the breakpoint is set is highlighted. You can have several active breakpoints in a program. Once you have defined one or more breakpoints, execute your program by choosing Run from the Run menu. Your program runs until it encounters the first breakpoint. As an example, set a breakpoint at the line
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Number of Users
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obj = null; // works only for reference types
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in Table 7.2. The test set receiver therefore should incorporate a fixed or variable cable equalizer to compensate for this roll-off. A variable equalizer is preferable because it optimizes the signal-to-noise ratio for different cable lengths and avoids overcompensation on short cables, which would cause overshoots, potentially creating errors on pseudoternary codes like HDB3. If the test signal is framed, and the error detector is capable of decoding a framed signal, then a number of additional out-of-service tests for checking the alarm operation and error performance monitoring are possible (such as CRC block error checking in the G.704 2 Mbps frame). If tests are required across a multiplexer or demultiplexer, transmitting at one bit rate and receiving at another, then a framed tester (Figure 7.27a) is needed to inject or extract a tributary signal. If only unframed testers are available, however, then the test can be made by looping around, as shown in Figure 7.27b. Two levels of framing capability may be provided for the error detector receiver. At the simpler level, it may be capable of detecting the frame word at a particular hierarchy level and checking for errors. This is a useful in-service test capability. Alternatively, the receiver may have full demultiplexing capability, in which case it will be able to extract a complete tributary stream from a higher-level signal (for example, a 2 Mbps signal from a 140 Mbps carrier), and do a full analysis on the tributary. This is very useful for checking an end-to-end, low-order digital path as it passes through high-capacity network nodes and crossconnect switches. In effect, the test set becomes like a programmable demultiplexer; usually it can only deal with one tributary at a time, however, in contrast to the complete function of the operational equipment. A fully framed test signal at 2 Mbps is particularly useful for analyzing primary rate leased lines. For example, one can send a PRBS test signal in one or more 64 kbps timeslots and check for timeslot integrity at the output of a crossconnect switch. Similarly, a multiplex can be stimulated with a 64 kbps signal and a check made in the appropriate timeslot of the outgoing 2 Mbps stream. A fully framed 2 Mbps test signal also allows one to check the proper operation of alarms and performance monitoring within the multiplexer. Send errors in the frame alignment signal either continuously or in burst mode; check the loss of frame criteria and resynchronization in the multiplexer. Simulate CRC block errors and alarms and check how the multiplexer responds locally and through E- and A-bits on the outgoing stream.
Have you planned any paths Have you considered which rooms will need which type of cable
A Closer Look at Methods and Classes
Supported Devices
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Also, we know that the displacements 1 y1 + y2 = 1 . 4 For the parabolic curve from Eq. (2.24) the follower displacement y= where A = follower accceleration, in sec 2 The displacement y1 = y2 = 1 1 5 (20, 200) = in 180 2 16 1 1 15 (6750) = in. 60 2 16
Table 19-1 explains the parameters for the debug webvpn command.
12 V 12 V
Cosecant (Csc)
Until recently, not many pickup truck conversions were done. But when EV converters took a closer look at the newer, lighter pickups, this trend reversed itself in a resounding way. Electric Vehicles of America, Inc. was one of the first to convert small pickup trucks such as the S-10 (shown in Figure 4-12). Their design puts the batteries under the bed for a lower center of gravity and leaves the bed completely free for trips to the dump or local lumberyard. With a greater payload than most cars, trucks can have an even greater range. Pickup trucks are a great EV conversion choice one you ll get a chance to examine in detail in 10. Table 4-1 covers the other dimensions of the buy, convert, or build trade-off: what vehicles or parts are available, who you can get them from, where they are located, and when you will get/assemble them. There are not many places to buy new EVs today. If you don t reside in a place with easy access to an EV manufacturer or dealer, adding the weeks it might take to get your new EV shipped to you puts the conversion option based on an internal combustion vehicle chassis obtained locally into an even more attractive light. The weeks in the conversion option When boxes are
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