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Click OK to add the new entry to your contact book. Click OK to close the Contact Book dialog box.
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The hostname command assigns a locally significant name to the router.
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Tuning and Optimizations
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in using DiffServ is placed at or near the host that runs an application that wants to use DiffServ. The amount of change required in the core of the network is minimal and does not change with the number of user applications that want to use DiffServ. Consequently, DiffServ scales extremely well. A disadvantage of DiffServ is that it works on a per-hop basis. In other words, each router in the network provides priority to a certain packet according to that packet s DSCP value, but DiffServ does not offer a mechanism that reserves resources from end to end. Thus, although DiffServ can enable better QoS for certain applications compared to others, it does not provide a QoS guarantee for any application, particularly in the case of network congestion. Therefore, we must strive to ensure that the network does not become congested in the first place.
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C++ Builder includes special menus called SpeedMenus that are activated by pressing the right mouse button when it is over certain items. SpeedMenus are also called context menus. These menus can be activated when using any of the main windows defined by the IDE. For example, if you are in the Form window and you press the right mouse button, a SpeedMenu appears giving you more options for the form. SpeedMenus save several keystrokes and are generally quite useful.
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16: Initial Router Con guration
4. Select the Number tab and specify the desired format. For many numeric fields, in particular, key or ID fields, set the number format to drop the decimal place.
Directed Broadcast Address
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