Business Intelligence with Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007
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Although C++ does not contain a built-in exclusive-OR (XOR) logical operator, it is easy to construct one. The XOR operation uses this truth table: p 0 0 1 1 q 0 1 0 1 XOR 0 1 1 0
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The Ethernet Market Opportunity
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HKey_Local_Machine\ [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SOFTWARE\Citrix\MetaFrame Password Manager\Extensions\ SyncManager\Syncs]
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Graphics, titles
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3. An auditor has discovered several errors in user account management: many terminated employees computer accounts are still active. What is the best course of action A. Improve the employee termination process B. Shift responsibility for employee terminations to another group C. Audit the process more frequently D. Improve the employee termination process and audit the process more frequently 4. An auditor has discovered that several administrators in an application share an administrative account. What course of action should the auditor recommend A. Implement activity logging on the administrative account B. Use several named administrative accounts that are not shared C. Implement a host-based intrusion detection system D. Require each administrator to sign nondisclosure and acceptable-use agreements 5. An organization that has experienced a sudden increase in its long-distance charges has asked an auditor to investigate. What activity is the auditor likely to suspect is responsible for this A. Employees making more long-distance calls B. Toll fraud C. PBX malfunction D. Malware in the PBX 6. An auditor is examining a key management process and has found that the IT department is not following its split-custody procedure. What is the likely result of this failure A. One or more individuals are in possession of the entire password for an encryption key B. One or more individuals are in possession of encrypted files C. Backup tapes are not being stored at an off-site facility D. Two or more employees are sharing an administrative account 7. A programmer is updating an application that saves passwords in plaintext. What is the best method for securely storing passwords A. Encrypted with each user s public key B. Encrypted with a public key C. Encrypted with a private key D. Hashed
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IEEE 802.16 standard uses the notion of a Security Association (SA) which defines a set of security information shared between a BS and one or more SSs in order to support secure transfers of data between these devices. Each SA defines a Cryptographic Suite used for the SA. The SA may also contain the encryption key and other parameters associated with the Cryptographic Suite. There are three types of SA defined by the standard. Primary SA is an SA established by a SS during its initialization into the network. The Primary SA established by an SS is shared between the SS and the BA only. Static SAs are created by the BS based on provisioning. Dynamic SAs are established and torn down as service flows are created and eliminated. Dynamic and Static SAs can be shared among multiple SSs (e.g., for multicast traffic). The cryptographic suite and keys associated with each service flow is used to secure the service flow data.
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required by a program within the same file. In real-world code, however, a namespace will often be defined in its own file, as the preceding example illustrates.
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TABLE 26-4
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Part II:
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Figure 16 - 12 Slim-line cardboard box
+ + + +
To obtain credentials and access to local applications, users must run the agent software on their client devices. The agent is designed to run on desktops, laptops, handheld computers, and other devices. For example, mobile users should install the agent on their laptops so that they can use the agent features even when they are not connected to the network (offline mode). Synchronization of user credentials occurs when mobile users reconnect to the network. When the agent software is installed using the Autorun.exe option provided on the Password Manager CD, the agent software appropriate to the local operating system (32or 64-bit) is installed. If the agent software is installed manually, the appropriate agent software MSI file for the machine operating system should be used. The 32-bit agent software is on the Password Manager CD in the Agent folder. The 64-bit agent software is in the x64 folder within the Agent folder.
To facilitate the selection of an appropriate fiber-optic modem, Table 8.1 lists some of the modem products being marketed by TC Communications of Irvine, California at the time this book was prepared. If you examine the entries in Table 8.1, you will note that TC Communications provides a fiber-optic modem that can support extension of the transmission distance of just about every type of electrical interface used in a communications environment. Such popular EIA electrical interfaces as RS-232, RS-442, RS-485, and RS-530, as well as T1, T3, and V.35 connectors, are supported by different fiber-optic modems manufactured by TC Communications as well as other vendors. Because of the wide range of products from different vendors, we will focus on TC Communications products to see what optical modem selection factors you may wish to consider and what options are available. In examining optical modem selection factors, we will examine the TC Communications Model TC1540 fiber-optic modem, which is illustrated in Figure 8.2.
10 [w]1: [T]1 [w]2: [T]1 [w]1: [T]2 [w]2: [T]2
limx 1 (ex 1) = 0 and limx 1 (x 1) = 0 so l H pital s Rule applies. Thus ex 1 ex = lim = e. lim x 1 x 1 x 1 1 limx + x 3 = limx + (ex x 2 ) = + so l H pital s Rule applies. Thus x3 3x 2 . = lim x x + ex x 2 x + e 2x lim
8. Drag the bottom node on the path segment close to, but not directly over, its original
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