Spread spectrum, which was employed back in the 1920s, evolved from military security applications. Spread spectrum uses a technique of organizing the radio frequency energy over a range of frequencies, rather than a fixed frequency modulation technique. The system uses frequency hopping with time division multiplexing. At one minute the transmitter is operating at one frequency, at the next instant it is on another. The receiver is synchronized to switch frequencies in the same pattern as the transmitter. This is effective in preventing detection (interception) and jamming. Thus, additional security is derived. These techniques should produce increased capacities in ten- to twenty-fold over existing analog systems.
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In an enterprise implementation of Microsoft Windows 2003 Terminal Services and Citrix Presentation Server, most applications execute at one or more central data centers rather than on individual PCs. This entails a paradigm shift back to mainframe methodologies,
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efficiently. Basically, subnetting steals the higher-order bit or bits from the host component and uses these bits to create more subnets with a smaller number of host addresses in each of these subnets.
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Batteries come in several varieties:
How should each of the following be evaluated as a cause of excessive bleeding immediately after placental separation How is each etiology managed
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Two devices on the same network cannot share an IP address.
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Router(config)# key chain name_of_key_chain Router(config-keychain)# key key_number Router(config-keychain-key)# key-string key_value Router(config-keychain-key)# accept-lifetime start_time {infinite | end_time | duration seconds} Router(config-keychain-key)# send-lifetime start_time {infinite | end_time | duration seconds}
mine the bit error ratio. The signal is transmitted back to the test set at a high level in order to stress only the receiver of the device under test, not that of the test set. The output from a bit error ratio test usually is a percentage bit error rate or a count of the number of bit errors.
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