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13: VLANs and Trunks
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Most of the focus of this book has been on the desktop recording of CDs or DVDs. Optical recording from the desktop ful lls a very large range of business and personal requirements, and with the right equipment you can produce discs in quantities that make it unnecessary to rely on a replication service. At some point, however, you may nd yourself with a project where you want to produce 500 or 1000 or more discs for commercial purposes. Instead of an inkjet-printed label, you d like the extra professional nish of a silk-screened label. You also want to bundle the nished product in a handsomely produced, environmentally sound package to enhance the overall image of your company and your content. These are all services that you may want to receive from a disc replicator. The popularity of optical discs for distributing everything from digital music to legal databases has resulted in a very competitive market for replication services. Services range from a corner shop where you can get a dozen discs produced in an hour or two to large-scale manufacturing plants that produce discs in the hundreds of thousands. Most likely, your requirements are somewhere between these two extremes. This chapter investigates the issues surrounding disc replication, printing, and packaging.
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In either case, the lesson to remember is this: the two sides of the balance sheet must always balance. This is the beauty of double-entry bookkeeping: you cannot get lost in the balance sheet. Keep in your head the image of two blocks on the balance sheet and their having to be the same height as we go deeper into modeling. This mental concept will carry you quite far in helping you to figure out accounting flows.
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Contact: Barkley Coggin <> (928) 637-4444 Mailing: 6215 Rinker Circle, Flagstaff, AZ 86004 Meetings: 7:00 pm 9:00 pm, 1st Wednesday of the month
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ASA Configuration Interface Name User Internal Network E0/1 = ASA E0/0 = E0 = E0/2 = E0/0 E0/1 E0/2 IP Address and Mask outside inside dmz
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Ill 17-8
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Line Interface (LIF)
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a computer screen, but the LCD monitor may give you an idea of what the camera is capable of.) If the camera has controls that enable you to zoom in on an image when viewing it with the built-in monitor, do so, and make sure the details are clear and in focus. If possible, ask the salesperson to print one of the pictures. Examine the print for clarity, color, and sharpness. All cameras have a feature that powers the camera down when it s not used for a period of time. Most cameras come back to life when you press the shutter button halfway. Notice how long it takes the camera to wake up. If it takes more than a second, you may end up losing shots when action occurs that you want to capture. This is especially important if you photograph sporting events.
Understanding Entity Relationship Diagrams 149
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Building Information Modeling
Until recently, it was impossible to get experience programming a console machine without a dev station. However, the Microsoft Xbox is based on Windows and PC technology, so PC programming is good preperation for Xbox development. Sony is also beginning to allow unlicensed PS2 programming using their Linux kit. The whole situation is in a state of flux, but don t worry too much about this. As a new programmer, it s more important that you get a thorough grounding in the key game programming specialties graphics, Al, user interfaces, networking, and so on than it is to gain experience on a particular machine.
PDH Networks 140 Wide Area Networks
Analog to Digital Converter A hardware component that converts an analog waveform to a succession of digital values by sampling the waveform at periodic intervals. Often abbreviated to A/D converter or ADC. ANSI-Labeled A tape speci ed to ANSI X3.27-19778 standards that includes details of the le structure, volume name, and a le header referencing the contents of the tape. Replication facilities and disc manufacturers generally prefer ANSI-labeled tape submissions. ANSI-Unlabeled A tape formatted without ANSI label information. Artifact A data abnormality that can appear in an audio or video le as the result of certain kinds of signal processing, including compression, data transfer errors, signal noise, or electrical interference. ASCII Abbreviated form of American Standard Code for Information Exchange. Refers to a basic set of control characters and alphanumeric characters assigned to 7bit values. Aspect Ratio The ratio of the horizontal size to the vertical size of a picture. In television, the aspect ratio is 4:3. In widescreen DVD, the aspect ratio is 16:9. ATAPI Abbreviated form for Advanced Technology Attachment Packet Interface. ATAPI provides a layer of commands used to manage devices connected through an IDE bus, including CD-ROM and DVDROM drives. ATAPI was introduced as part of the Enhanced IDE standard. Authoring The integration of the individual elements sound, video, text, graphics within an interactive presentation. A wide variety of software tools are used for authoring, including search and retrieval programs, indexing software, multimedia development tools, SGML editors, and so on. Authoring is sometimes confused with the term premastering. AVI An audio/video format introduced by Microsoft. Typically requires a high-performance computer platform with a fast storage device. No longer in common use. Autoplay Discs encoded with the autoplay option will begin immediate playback when inserted in a DVD player that supports this feature. Bandwidth A measurement of the datacarrying capacity of a bus or other data transmission medium. BCA Short for burst cutting area. An area located near the center of a DVD disc that is reserved for ID codes and manufacturing data. The BCA is imprinted as bar-code data. Bit Short for binary digit. A bit is the basic element representing digital data. Bits are combined into groups to form bytes (8 bits), words (16 bits), and double-words (32 bits). Bi-refringence A term applied to the refraction of a beam of light in two different directions. This phenomenon occurs as an undesirable aspect of the compact disc manufacturing process resulting from residual stresses in the polycarbonate substrate intro-
Parabola, 11 Partial fractions, 171 Perimeter formulas, 181 Phase, 24 Polynomials, 27
NOTE When the list of values is cascaded, the list is not cached, so there may be a delay when you
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