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Spaces requiring ignitionprotected equipment
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Now that there is a plan to reuse PCs that have some value either financial or technical what do we do with PCs that have no book value, are outdated, or are broken in some way The two obvious choices are donation and disposal. Many nonprofit organizations accept donated PCs, but quite often their minimum requirements are high, because many of them aren t using XenApp and thus need reasonable computing power to run a newer operating system and applications. Nevertheless, it is worth discovering whether your old gear is worth something to someone else. One nonprofit organization that helps with this process is the National Association for the Exchange of Industrial Resources (NAEIR). See their website at The disposal option has also become more complicated, because most computer parts are considered low-level hazardous materials. Contact your local landfill for information on computer disposal. Carefully consider how to dispose of old hard drives. Even though there are many methods out there that remove data from a hard drive (format, magnet, and so on), data can still be obtained from the drive. If you are donating the PC, take the time and format the drive, and even install a new OS on it. Until it is overwritten, data can still be recovered off the drive. Most charities do not have the type of people, or for that matter, the equipment to go after your valuable information, so just a format and rebuild is safe. If you are the type of person who wishes to be overly cautious and take no chances, the only real safe method of protecting the data from being stolen is to destroy the drive. Many programs are available that will stomp, crush, or melt your drive into unusable piles of scrap metal to ease your mind. A quick Internet or Yellow Pages search will provide you what you need. When searching for this type of service, be sure to check for listings that state the following:
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FUNI Interoperability
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Example. If a receiver under design has been specified to have a sensitivity of 100 dBm, what is the maximum NF that we can permit the receiver to have (with zero sensitivity margin) if the receiver s bandwidth is 100 kHz First, calculate KTB 174 10 log 100,000 124 dBm.
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Generally speaking, each phase consists of complex processes that need to be controlled so their outputs meet expectations. Test and measurement determine the parameters that indicate the health of these processes. Sometimes the parameters will indicate that the process is operating as expected and no action is needed. At other times, it will not be operating suitably and intervention is needed to set it right. Or perhaps the process is still within tolerance, but the trend on a parameter might indicate that it eventually will cause trouble and some preemptive action is wise. Finally, process measures can detect when basic capacity may be less than what is needed to accommodate the predicted demand for the process. Test and measurement generally are the means to get precise data about the process to trigger action and verify that the action has been effective (Figure 4.1).
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For example there might be a series of views that deal with Internet Sales and a different set of views that deal with Retailer Sales. Grouped into separate folders, these views will be grouped according to the data they present. The dialog box to organize views in a Briefing Book is shown in Figure 6-55. Once a Briefing Book has one or more views, it can be saved by clicking on the File menu and clicking Save Book or Save Book As. There are two possible formats for saving the Briefing Book: a proprietary binary format with the extension .bbk, or as an XML file with a .xml extension. In most cases the choice of a format is of little consequence, as both are single files that represent all the views in the Briefing Book, and if the book is published to PAS, the format of the book is immaterial. Once a book is saved to disk, a user can reopen it at any time by clicking on the File menu and choosing Open Book or Reopen Book. PAS is the ProClarity Analytics Server which is covered in detail in the next section. One of the surprising facts about PAS for many new users is that by itself, PAS can do nothing. A user cannot launch PAS by itself and connect to cubes and
Positive for Source, Negative for Use The titles to these sections say Cash from . . . so, in the cash flow statement, it is a good idea to follow the system that a source of cash is shown as a positive number, but a use of cash is shown as a negative number.
that wants to access something. An object (which could be a computer, application, database, file, record, or other resource) is the thing that the subject wants to access. Fail open, fail closed This refers to the behaviors of automatic access control systems when they experience a failure. For instance, if power is removed from a keycard building access control system, will all doors be locked or unlocked The term fail closed means that all accesses will be denied if the access control system fails; the term fail open means that all accesses will be permitted upon failure. Generally, security professionals like access control systems to fail closed, because it is safer to admit no one than it is to admit everyone. But there will be exceptions now and then where fail open might be better; for example, building access control systems may need to fail open in some situations to facilitate emergency evacuation of personnel or entrance of emergency services personnel. Least privilege This is the concept where an individual user should have the lowest privilege possible that will still enable them to perform their tasks. Segregation of duties This is the concept that specifies that single individuals should not have combinations of privileges that would permit them to conduct high-value operations on their own. The classic example is a business accounting department where the functions of creating a payee, requesting a payment, approving a payment, and making a payment should rest with four separate individuals. This will prevent any one person from being able to easily embezzle funds from an organization. In the context of information technology, functions such as requesting user accounts and provisioning user accounts should reside with two different persons so that no single individual could create user accounts on his own. Split custody This is the concept of splitting knowledge of a specific object or task between two persons. One example is splitting the password for an important encryption key between two parties: one has the first half and the other has the second half. Similarly, the combination to a bank vault can be split so that two persons have the first half of the combination while two others have the second half.
Drawing Arcs with the 3-Point Curve Tool
control points on the polygon to select it, but don t drag yet. Hold CTRL and then drag outward, to constrain the movement of the cursor so that the polygon doesn t take on a lop-sided appearance (although you can create interesting polygons by dragging in any way without holding CTRL). You should have a star shape now, as shown here.
// Read keystrokes from the console by using ReadKey(). using System; class ReadKeys { static void Main() { ConsoleKeyInfo keypress; Console.WriteLine("Enter keystrokes. Enter Q to stop."); do { keypress = Console.ReadKey(); // read keystrokes Console.WriteLine(" Your key is: " + keypress.KeyChar); // Check for modifier keys. if((ConsoleModifiers.Alt & keypress.Modifiers) != 0) Console.WriteLine("Alt key pressed."); if((ConsoleModifiers.Control & keypress.Modifiers) != 0) Console.WriteLine("Control key pressed."); if((ConsoleModifiers.Shift & keypress.Modifiers) != 0) Console.WriteLine("Shift key pressed."); } while(keypress.KeyChar != 'Q'); } }
Maximum nominal input voltage range for Lead-Acid batteries: 72 to 348 volts Absolute maximum fully loaded input voltage range: 36 to 400 volt s* Maximum motor cur rent at 50 C heat sink temperature: 2000 Amps for Z2K, 1000 Amps for Z1K Maximum Batter y Current at 200V: 1900 Amps for Z2K, 950 Amps for Z1K Maximum Batter y Current at 300V: 1770 Amps for Z2K, 885 Amps for Z1K Maximum Batter y Current at 400V: 1600 Amps for Z2K, 800 Amps for Z1K Continuous motor cur rent @ 50 C coolant temp and 100% Duty Cycle: o ver 600 Amps for Z2K, 300 Amps for Z1K Peak Power: 640,000 W atts for Z2K, 320,000 W atts for Z1K PWM frequency 15.7 kHz Power devices IGBT Voltage Drop: <1.9 volts at maximum cur rent.
The output from the program is shown here:
Although the SDP specification defines those fields to be mandatory, the MEGACO specification enables the fields to be omitted when SDP is used by MEGACO. The use of a wildcard ($) in the c line is also a MEGACOspecific modification to SDP and applies only when the MGC is using SDP to suggest media characteristics.
C# 3.0: A Beginner s Guide
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