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to the destination DTE. If your router is receiving BECNs, in the output of this command, this indicates congestion in the forward direction from you to your remote Frame Relay peer.
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As the number of IT systems have expanded within organizations, users have been overwhelmed with multiple user IDs and passwords, different for the local area network, the ERP system, the data warehouse, and BusinessObjects. To address this issue, companies are increasingly trying to move to one central authentication system that the different applications rely upon. If your company has a directory server (such as Microsoft Active Directory, Sun ONE, or Novell eDirectory) or uses NT for networking, that same user ID and password can be used to log in to the BusinessObjects Enterprise suite. In discussing this with customers, I often hear concerns, though, that the BusinessObjects Enterprise administrator does not want to rely on an NT administrator to grant access to corporate data. Clearly, there are a number of policy and organization issues that need addressing before you can leverage these capabilities. However, it s important to realize that we are only talking about externalizing the authentication. Access to data, reports, and universes continues to be controlled within the BusinessObjects XI environment even when authentication is centralized with network administrators or other security groups.
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File system compatibility is generally not a problem. The file system determines how the data is organized and accessed. BD-ROM discs use UDF 2.5, and BD-RE (v2 and v3) discs use UDF 2.6. Because recordable Blu-ray discs are, at heart, simply storage media, other file systems such as Microsoft NTFS, Macintosh HFS, and Unix can potentially be used to write data files to the disc, but these OSes normally use UDF when writing to BD. The original 1.0 version of BD-RE, released in 2003, used a custom file system, BD-FS, which is not compatible with much of anything beyond original BD-RE recorders.
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Real circuits consist not of pencil lines on a sheet of paper, but of real metal conductors having nite electrical resistance. The conductors and their installations should satisfy a number of criteria:
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Physical specification for BD-RE (rewritable) AV application Physical specification for BD-ROM (pre-recorded) Physical specification for BD-R (recordable) File system and command set
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Part I:
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Whenever a new document is created, a Master Page is automatically created. The Master Page isn t a physical page in your document, but instead a place where document objects can be placed so that they appear on every page of your document. Objects on a Master Page layer are visible and printable on every page in your document, making this an extremely powerful feature. For example, a text header or footer, or a company logo on a Master Page layer becomes a quick and easy way to label all the pages in a pamphlet or brochure. Moving any object onto a layer on the Master Page makes it a Master Page object and causes it to appear on each page. Let s try this feature:
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TIP If you are spending an inordinate amount of time formatting each data column, work with the
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Basic IOS Configuration
Quantum CD Net Universal XP Cache Server
C# 3.0: A Beginner s Guide
Figure 10-12: Examples of connections at higher speeds
Use ref and out Parameters
E. Summing Amplifier Vout = (Rf/R1 x V1 + Rf/R2 x V2 + ...) R1 V1 Rf R2 V2 Vn Rn
monitors[1].set_coloropt(cTrueColor); monitors[1].set_res(r640x480); monitors[2].set_coloropt(c256); monitors[2].set_res(r1024x768); for(i=0; i<3; i++) { cout << options[monitors[i].get_coloropt()] << " "; cout << "with resolution of " << resvals[monitors[i].get_res()]; cout << "\n"; } return 0; }
Troubleshooting the Other Access Suite Products
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