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lectric Motor Sources
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Perhaps the most widely used function object is less, which determines when one object is less than another. Function objects can be used in place of actual function pointers in the STL algorithms described later. Using function objects rather than function pointers allows the STL to generate more efficient code. Two other entities that populate the STL are binders and negators. A binder binds an argument to a function object. A negator returns the complement of a predicate. One final term to know is adaptor. In STL terms, an adaptor transforms one thing into another. For example, the container queue (which creates a standard queue) is an adaptor for the deque container.
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blanking interval - Analogue interface (1998-01) [NTSC VBI line 20 CGMS-A]
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TIP If in dropping the object your action does not produce the desired results, choose Undo from
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10. Which of the following are classless protocols
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used between the Central Office and the customer premise. An NT2 uses the primary rate line as a trunk to service the many basic rate lines feeding into it. The NT2 takes care of all the tasks associated with maintaining the basic rate lines, as well as setting up calls to the Central Office via the primary rate line.
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Water is not the only molecule capable of hydrogen bonding. Whenever a hydrogen atom in a molecule has a slightly positive charge, it can interact with a negative or partially negative charge elsewhere (either on another molecule or on other parts of the same molecule). Notice that a hydrogen bond is not an interaction with a single hydrogen atom or even a hydrogen molecule. A single hydrogen atom is nonpolar. A hydrogen molecule is also nonpolar, consisting of two hydrogen atoms covalently bonded together in a nonpolar bond. Even if we had a single hydrogen atom in the form of a positively charged ion, then the interaction would be ionic. This is not what we mean by hydrogen bond. When we speak of a hydrogen bond, it is important to remember that the hydrogen atom is always covalently bonded to an atom other than hydrogen, typically a much larger atom. The larger atom has a stronger pull on the electron cloud, leaving the hydrogen with a slightly or partially positive charge. It is this polar covalently bonded hydrogen that can participate in a hydrogen bond by being attracted to a negative or partially negative charge.
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class FailSoftArray { int[] a; // reference to underlying array
the quarterly publication of Disc Makers and are reprinted here by permission. A free subscription can be obtained by visiting:
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transmission channel operating at the modulation rate used by the equipment driving the light source. The lower portion of Fig. 6.1 illustrates the use of three light sources at distinct wavelengths to form three channels within an optical fiber. As we noted earlier in this chapter, the AT&T FT3C lightwave system coupled the output of three LEDs onto a common multimode optical fiber, representing the first commercial use of WDM.
Advanced Objects
More often than not, the predefined dimensions that come with the PPS Planning Server may not be sufficient to accurately model the planning needs of a business. User-defined dimensions can be created in the Planning Business Modeler, which in turn will extend the functionality and flexibility of the business models created in the Planning application. There is no limit to the number of user-defined dimensions that can be added to an application. The user-defined dimensions can then be customized to suit the business models requirements. This section will discuss how to add a userdefined dimension to a Planning application. The first item under the Dimension Tasks shown in Figure 7-11 is the link to Create a Dimension. Clicking on this link will display the Create a Dimension Wizard. The first page of the wizard asks for the Name, Label, and an optional Description of the new dimension. The value Employee is entered in all the three text boxes (as shown in Figure 7-15), for the purpose of the examples in this chapter. Select the Allow This Dimension to Be Shared check box to make this dimension available to other model subsites. When a dimension is shared by selecting this check box, all members and member sets that are contained in the dimension are shared with all model subsites below the model site in which they are created. The next page in the Create a Dimension wizard is the Select Dimension Structure Source page. There are three options on this page that you can use to select the source for the new dimension structure. These options include creating a new dimension structure, defining the dimension structure from a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file, and defining the dimension structure from a data source that has already been added to the Data Sources link on the left pane of the Planning Administration Console page. The first option for Create a New Dimension Structure was selected for the purpose of the examples in this chapter. The next page in the Create a Dimension wizard is the Define Member Creation page. Out of the two options on this page, the first option of Define Members Later is selected for this example. Selecting this option will create only the default NONE member within the dimension. The last page in the Create a Dimension wizard is the Review and Create page. Here the developer can review the information that is displayed. If any of the
The second most widely used biometric marker is the hand itself. This biometric technology measures much coarser information than even the Level 1 fingerprint data. In fact it uses a binary (that is pure black and white) image to extract measurement of features such as finger length.
Charger Overview
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