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This fragment is invalid because you cannot assign a double pointer to an integer pointer. That is, &f generates a pointer to a double, but p is a pointer to an int. These two types are not compatible. (In fact, the compiler would flag an error at this point and not compile your program.) Although two pointers must have compatible types in order for one to be assigned to another, you can override this restriction (at your own risk) by using a cast. For example, the following fragment is now technically correct:
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Spin Button and Scroll Bar The spin button and scroll bar are similar. They are controls to give you a quick way to vary values over a particular range. The spin button is less visually informative, because it is a set of buttons with up and down arrows. There is no indication of the range of values that you are working in if you are not already familiar with it. The scroll bar, however, is a bar with a slider, so that you can see the range. Moreover, the scroll bar allows you to adjust the value you want by either manipulating the slider bar, or by clicking on the end of the scroll bar that you want to move toward. For both of these, the properties to work with are the following: Max: The maximum value. This must be a positive integer or zero. Min: The minimum value. This must be a positive integer or zero. It must be less than the value set in Max. Value: The current value of the scroll bar or the spinner. LinkedCell: The cell that stores the Value property.
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Very large address space
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Create a Draft on Paper (or on Your Computer)
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Annual security awareness training Many organizations are extending their security awareness training from the time of hire to annually for all employees. This gives employees opportunities for refresher materials as well as updated information that is based on new practices, threats, and policies. The state of the art of security controls is ever-changing, and security awareness training should be updated accordingly. Internal web site An internal web site (or other manner through which the organization makes information available to its employees on demand) should include content on security awareness, controls, policies, and other information that employees can access. Like security policy, the information should be easy to understand and use and employees should be able to easily understand how to use the information there to better protect the organization s assets. Periodic messages From time to time, it may be necessary to send e-mails to groups of employees (or the entire organization) to make them aware of things that they need to know. Periodic messages also help distribute information to employees who won t bother to visit an internal web site some rely on the company to push information to them that they will read. Posters and flyers Sometimes, it may be advantageous to make employees aware of security matters in ways other than web sites and e-mail messages. Posters can be put up where people congregate: kitchens, break rooms, meeting rooms, and auditoriums. Like web sites and e-mail, an organization should not rely on just one method for communications; posters and flyers are another effective way to get the message to employees. Rewards for desired behavior Management should reward its employees for making contributions towards the protection of organization assets. For example, employees who notice and report security threats or vulnerabilities, or who find a better way to protect assets, could be rewarded with recognition awards or gift certificates.
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Button/Key Combo Name
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#include <ctype.h> #include <stdio.h> THE C++ BUILDER FUNCTION LIBRARY int main(void) { char ch; for(;;) { ch = getchar(); if(ch==' ') break; if(iscntrl(ch)) printf("%c is a control character\n", ch); } return 0; }
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Related Functions
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public T Dequeue( ) public void Enqueue(T v) public T Peek( ) public T[ ] ToArray( ) public void TrimExcess( )
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Figure 32-8: The common configuration for networks
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Use an object reference.
using System; class ImpTypedVar { static void Main() { // These are implicitly typed variables. var pi = 3.1416; // pi is a double var radius = 10; // radius is an int // Both msg and msg2 are string types. var msg = "Radius: "; var msg2 = "Area: "; // Explicitly declare area as a double. double area; Console.WriteLine(msg2 + radius); area = pi * radius * radius; Console.WriteLine(msg + area); Console.WriteLine(); radius = radius + 2; Console.WriteLine(msg2 + radius); area = pi * radius * radius;
Line or section layer. Monitoring at the line or section layer provides maintenance information on a facility in the network and is helpful in sectionalizing problems. Degradation detected at this level might contribute only part of the result for overall Downloaded from Digital Engineering Library @ McGraw-Hill ( Copyright 2004 The McGraw-Hill Companies. All rights reserved. Any use is subject to the Terms of Use as given at the website.
A final thought concerning the use of this technology is to understand the security concerns associated with the cable modem. When the CATV systems are used, they are shared, high-speed Ethernet backbone access to the Internet or other connections. One must be aware that on a shared cable, the PC is a peer to all others on the same cable, even though they are in physically different locations. In a community of 500 connections, there will be many people who acquire the service from the CATV suppliers. The CATV company installs according to the appropriate technology, not according to security parameters. This is okay because they are merely providing the bandwidth to gain access. It is the end user s responsibility to turn off all the leaks in the local system (the PC). By default, when you run Microsoft windows environment and the appropriate networking software, the shares on the PC are turned on. The end user must therefore go in and turn them off. This means that if the shared services are not turned off, a user down the street, or across the town, can double click on their network neighborhood icon and see all the other PCs connected to the cable. Not only can they see the devices, they can double click on the PC and see the resources available on that PC. From there when a remote device has double clicked on your PC, they can open your drives and see your files. Unless some provisions have been taken to block this access, the intruder (used as a method of entry only) can read, write, edit, or delete your files. Worse yet, while the intruder is on your system, you do not even know they are there. Many users who have cable modem service from the cable companies are not aware of the risks. Worse, the installation personnel on these systems do not totally understand or they forget to point out the risks. Therefore, users leave the PC on 100% of the time (day and night), making access to their computers totally available. The cable modem is available 100% of the time, making the computer a target for hackers and mischievous doers, without the permission or the knowledge of the penetrated computer owner. Be aware that the risk is there and find out how to shut these open doors before leaving your computer on the network. Do not assume that just because you shut your system off when you re not using it that you are protected because when you do log on, you are exposed, and the perpetrator can get on your system while you are on it, too! Technology is a wonderful thing, but it must be controlled.
The differences in exposure are noticeable mostly on the water. By using the Magic Lasso tool to draw a line around a selection that needs fixing, we limit the work area. Passing the Dodge Tool over the selected areas a few times lightens them to match the rest of the water. The boundary between the original and lightened areas takes some work by the Smudge and Blur tools to hide the telltale evidence of a seam. The results are in Figure 5-11. A print of the panorama, at 300 pixels per inch, would be 52 12 inches.
Candidate keys that are not primary keys are declared with the UNIQUE keyword. The Course table (see Table 3.6) contains two candidate keys: CourseNo (primary key) and CrsDesc (course description). The CourseNo column is the primary key because it is more
This is an important distinction. Technology businesses are those which depend primarily on technological advancement for their prosperity. They include engineering firms, silicon chip fabricators, electronic equipment manufacturers, and tool vendors of various kinds. For the most part, these companies sell their products to other industries, not to the general public for example, companies that make medical diagnostic equipment sell it to hospitals. The fortunes of technology businesses are often interrelated. If there s a shortage of gallium arsenide, a key component of semiconductor electronics, chip manufacturers will suffer, and this can create a ripple effect throughout the rest of the high-technology industry. Video games are different. New technology certainly helps us build bigger and better games, but if there were no advances in technology for a while, the publishers would continue to produce new products. That s because this is an entertainment business, and it s driven by creativity as well as technology. Working in the game industry has certain things in common with high technology, but it also has things in common with movies and television. This melding of creativity and technology
Figure 10-11 (right).
No intervention Follow-up Histopathologic diagnosis
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