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The Charger and Electrical System
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Basic HTML Page Layout and Publishing
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Method public virtual void CopyTo(int srcIdx, Array ar, int destIdx, int count)
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Safety Precautions
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Frame Relay is connection-oriented: a layer 2 connection must be established before information can be sent to a remote device. The connections used by Frame Relay are provided by virtual circuits (VCs). A VC is a logical connection between two devices; therefore, many VCs can exist on the same physical interface. The advantage that VCs have over leased lines is that they can provide full connectivity (fully meshed) at a much lower price. VCs are also full-duplex: you can simultaneously send and receive on the same VC. Other packet- and cell-switching technologies, such as ATM and X.25, also use VCs. Most of the information covered in this section concerning VCs is true of Frame Relay as well as these other technologies.
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6. Method of computing de ections: De ections affect bending moment and shear force distribution. Live load de ections are usually computed by one of the following methods: Stiffness matrices. Strain energy. Double integration method. Harmonic analysis. Finite difference method. Finite element method. The current method prescribed by AASHTO is using a line girder and applying multiple lane reductions. There are approximations in the method of applying live load distribution from each lane for load sharing on the single girder under consideration. Code de ection calculations are based on the use of distribution coef cients (DF), which may not give a true de ection value in all cases due to the complexity of bridge geometry. It may be desirable to calibrate the line girder code method against a three-dimensional model using the stiffness method. Software such as SAP2000 or ADINA may be used.
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to two or more PEBs. Each I-component, however, serves only one S-cloud, meaning one set of 4094 VLANs, each with a distinct VLAN ID. Since the I-component is, for all practical purposes, itself a provider bridge even playing its part in the S-cloud s Spanning Tree Protocols its redundant connections can even connect the two halves of an S-cloud that is split, whether intentionally or by failure. This is the case for S-cloud 1, which is split into 1A and 1B. Thus, in Figure 13.10, I-components A, B, and E all serve (split) S-cloud 1. Each I-component has its own individual MAC address and can recognize certain multicast MAC addresses. These are the outer MAC addresses shown in Figure 13.9e and f. The method used by the I-components to acquire each others MAC addresses, and to use them once acquired, can best be illustrated by following a day in the life of a packet :
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The output is shown here:
WS-C2960-8TC-L WS-C2950-24TT-L WS-C2960-48TT-L WS-C2950-24TC-L WS-C2960-48TC-L WS-C2960G-8TC-L WS-C2960G-24TC-L WS-2960G-48TC-L
The remainder of this chapter focuses on troubleshooting tools that you can use on your routers and switches. One of your first troubleshooting tasks is to figure out in which layer of the OSI Reference Model things are not working. By narrowing down the problem to a specific layer, you ve greatly reduced the amount of time that you ll need in order to fix the problem or problems.
FIGURE 14.26. Circular arc cams constant-breadth follower.
Service providers can test their networks in advance to determine how the network will respond to traffic congestion and whether this response was expected. Traffic priority schemes can be verified by transmitting two streams of traffic with different priorities and confirming that when congestion is reached, the high-priority cell stream remains unaffected. Traffic policing for a virtual circuit can be checked easily by transmitting traffic at a rate exceeding the customer contract rate and ensuring that the excess traffic is discarded at the switch. In a similar fashion, cell discard can be checked by transmitting a traffic stream with CLP=1 while simulating congested conditions and verifying that cells from the stream with CLP=1 are discarded. Frame discard raises the efficiency of ATM networks. Rather than discarding random cells during congested conditions, frame discard will drop AAL 5 frames at the switch. Then, at the Application layer, these frames can be retransmitted. In contrast, if an equivalent number of cells were dropped randomly, a greater number of frames would require retransmission. Traffic shaping modifies the characteristics of a cell stream in order to enhance network efficiency; it can be provided at end stations or within ATM network elements. If a particular connection has a high cell delay variation on the incoming port of a switch, for example, the outgoing stream might be transmitted with lower cell delay variation to improve the traffic profile.
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