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However, the str_type class can be enhanced to allow such a statement, as you will see next. To expand the types of operations supported by the str_type class so that you can assign null-terminated strings to str_type objects, or concatenate a null-terminated string with a str_type object, you will need to overload the + and = operations a second time. First, the class declaration must be changed, as shown here:
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Schematic showing how a transistor can be used to turn a relay on or off.
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Align Nodes When two or more nodes are selected, clicking this button opens the Node Align dialog, from where you can choose from the Align Vertical or Align Horizontal options that automatically align your node selection. In addition to these options, while only the beginning and ending nodes of an open path are selected, you can also choose to align control points. This has the effect of moving the two end points of the line so that they overlap each other precisely. This is a wonderful command for quickly sketching a zigzag (for an illustration of a saw blades, perhaps), and then, in one step, aligning the nodes to create a precise illustration.
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In bridge engineering we are mainly dealing with reinforced or prestressed concrete structures. Figure 10.5 shows a ow diagram for general reinforced concrete repairs including adding extra reinforcing if required.
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Laboratory Manual
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TABLE 1.1 Year 1973 1982 1983 1985 1985 1985 1987 1990 1993 1995 1997 1998 1998
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Fiber Modem
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Working lightpath Protection lightpath
Arrays of Three or More Dimensions
How Objects Are Created
BD-25 BD-27 BD-50 BD-54 BD-100g DVD-5 DVD-9 DVD-18 CD-ROMh
Alternative Blurs
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