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Notice the while loop in the program, which calls rand( ) repeatedly until a key is pressed. Because the rand( ) function always generates the same sequence of random numbers, it is important to have some way for the program to start using this sequence at a random point. (Otherwise, the same fortune will be given each time the program is run.) This is achieved by repeated calls to rand( ). When the user presses a key, the loop stops at a random point in the sequence, and the fortune is displayed on the screen. Remember, kbhit( ) is a common extension provided by many compilers, but it is not defined by C++. The next example uses a two-dimensional array of pointers to create the skeleton of a program that displays a syntax reminder for the C++ keywords. This program initializes a list of string pointers. The first dimension points to a C++ keyword, and the second dimension points to a short description of the keyword. The list is terminated by two null strings. These nulls are used to mark the end of the list. The user enters a keyword, and the program displays the description. As you can see, only a few keywords have been listed. The expansion of the list is left to you, as an exercise.
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The C file system provides two functions, fread( ) and fwrite( ), that allow the reading and writing of blocks of data. Their prototypes are size_t fread(void *buffer, size_t num_bytes, size_t count, FILE *fp); size_t fwrite(const void *buffer, size_t num_bytes, size_t count, FILE *fp); In the case of fread( ), buffer is a pointer to a region of memory that receives the data read from the file. For fwrite( ), buffer is a pointer to the information to be written to the file. The length of each item, in bytes, to be read or written is specified by num_bytes. The argument count determines how many items (each being num_bytes in length) will be read or written. Finally, fp is a file pointer to a previously opened stream. The fread( ) function returns the number of items read. This value may be less than count if the end of the file is reached or an error occurs. The fwrite( ) function returns the number of items written. This value will equal count unless an error occurs. As long as the file has been opened for binary data, fread( ) and fwrite( ) can read and write any type of information. For example, this program writes a float to a disk file:
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Cisco ASA Configuration
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Port Address Translation
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S E L E C T Offering.OfferNo, Offering.CourseNo, OffDays, OffLocation, OffTime, FacFirstName, F a c L a s t N a m e F R O M Faculty, Offering, Enrollment, Student W H E R E Offering.OfferNo = Enrollment.OfferNo A N D S t u d e n t . S t d S S N = Enrollment.StdSSN A N D Faculty.FacSSN = Offering.FacSSN A N D OffYear = 2 0 0 6 A N D OffTerm = ' S P R I N G ' A N D S t d F i r s t N a m e = 'BOB' AND StdLastName = 'NORBERT'
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and the current properties of that specific fill.
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Examining the Yellow Book Standard
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Transceivers. Transceivers (Figure 2.9) are used to connect the Attachment Unit Interface (AUI) port of a computer or peripheral to the physical medium. Most of today s computers come with a 10Base-T port (RJ-45 connector) built in. A transceiver might be used if you wanted to use a different medium, such as fiber. Transceivers are inexpensive, making it worthwhile to keep spares on hand, as they occasionally fail dramatically. Repeaters. Repeaters (Figure 2.10) are used to extend cable length. They work by replicating the signals at the physical level. A repeater can be used to switch media types, in similar fashion as a bridge. Unlike a bridge, however, a repeater will not limit Ethernet collision domains, that is, two workstations on different cables connected by a repeater will still produce a collision if they transmit similtaneously. Repeater use is limited both by performance considerations (i.e., how many stations are to be squeezed into a segment), as well as protocol dependencies such as interframe gap preservation. A repeater will partition the network into two physical fault domains, so cable tests must be done on each side if a physical fault is suspected. For protocol problems, an analyzer can be hooked up anywhere. Repeaters generally will not filter out protocol errors. Hubs. Hubs (Figure 2.11) are the most widely used interconnect today. They are used to connect end stations to a network. They may be connected in a hierarchical fashion, up to a limit of three for Ethernet. Note that a different cable (or a switch on the hub) is needed to connect two hubs together. If you need to configure the network so that traffic passes through more than three hubs, a bridge, router, or a LAN switch (discussed later) will be needed. The hub s structured wiring approach limits physical fault domains to a single wire. There are two common hub packages: stackable hubs, and modular hubs or concentrators. The least expensive are stackables, which can be purchased by mail for less than $100. The more expensive hubs come with built-in management capabilities. Ethernet hubs act as multiport repeaters, so any traffic sent to one port is repeated to
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ITU-TG.652 Fiber O-Band 1260 1360 E-Band 1360 1460 S-Band 1460 1530 C-Band
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The C# Language
Citrix Access Suite 4 Advanced Concepts: The Official Guide
Every 20 ms of digitized speech (9600 bps or less) constitutes a CDMA frame. When a frame cannot be correctly decoded, a frame error has occurred. Individual chip errors (over-the-air) do not significantly degrade CDMA performance. CDMA voice quality is acceptable with frame error rates up to 3 percent.
What is a kick count
The output is shown here:
21.2.1 Network copper cable
and some live on, surviving on new facilities. As new facilities are added, new services spring up that can only exist on the new facility. It is into this ever-changing milieu that a network equipment manufacturer must introduce new network elements. The new product must conform to the standards set for the particular type of facility it is part of, and must support the new services envisioned by the network service provider. At the same time, it might have to support some variety of existing services, and it must interoperate with the older network equipment making up the facilities networks at the moment. Thus it is a game of fitting in and, at the same time, standing out sufficiently to merit installation in support of new services and additional revenue for the service provider.
PC/Server Router
We write the limit as limx limx e 2x
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